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Roger Sevilla

Enhanced Linkrolls and only these tags - 56 views

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started by Roger Sevilla on 13 Apr 11
  • Roger Sevilla
    Can someone tell me why I cannot generate a script in the Enhanced Linkrolls tool to pull two separate tags? I have a "webinar" tag and a "plc" tag and I want to generate a script that will allow me to embed this in a wiki... I've tried the teo tags in the "only these tags" field with spaces, commas, Plus sign... when I click retrieve it says "no links" but I know there are...

    I'm on a Mac running 10.6 in Firefox 3.6. tia
  • sandy_diigo
    You can enter "webinar OR plc" to filter out bookmarks you want.
  • Roger Sevilla
    Thank you! I looked pretty hard and never found those directions on the site. Perhaps that nugget should be a bit more "discoverable"? (in fact I found directions to use "tag1 +tag2" ) Thanks again!

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