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Paula Hay

linkroll HTML? - 43 views

linkroll css

started by Paula Hay on 20 Apr 09
  • Paula Hay
    Can someone point me to where I can find the HTML produced by the linkroll script? The customization options don't seem to be working properly and I need to get this list to match the the lists around it.

    Thanks much
  • Paula Hay
    Hi Joel, the formatting for the linkroll text isn't working -- bold, sizing, etc. I believe it was conflicting with my existing stylesheet, but without knowing what the HTML of the linkroll looks like I don't have any way to troubleshoot.

    I did tinker with my own stylesheet a bit. The linkroll text isn't displaying exactly how I wanted, but it's good enough for the moment.

    But now I'm curious why the HTML isn't posted for Diigo users to see. Does Diigo not want people formatting their linkrolls for some reason?


    Joel Liu wrote:
    > We are looking into it. Could you tell me why the linkroll doesn't work for you.
    > Thanks.

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