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Graham Perrin

My bookmark and my annotations missing from all annotations and from Diigo About - 25 views

> > The plus sign + may be significant I have only one bookmark affected in this way. > missing bookmarks from the past 4-5 days That sounds like a very different issue. Would you...

bug inconsistency annotations gpd4

Graham Perrin

Title missing from 'All annotations' and Diigo about - 8 views

Parallel discussion:

bugs bug annotation title HTML gpd4

Graham Perrin

line breaks in notes missing from presentation in Diigo About - 2 views

Presentation of note at is good. Presentation of note at

resolved wontfix note bug

Graham Perrin

can not get annotated link for a found bookmark - 7 views

Screen shot to follow. I find two bookmarks, one of which is the one I want. I want the annotated link. The paradox: a good search (a refined result) is ultimately useless; without the link t...

search get annotated link suggestion gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigo community invaded by shy mice and invisible Italians! - 40 views

Gialloporpora did make a post in the group, but he is not a group member. However, the design is not good. We should allow users to filter posts no matter whether he/she is a group member. Thanks. wording visual bug gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigo About misrepresents https content - 38 views

Since the introduction of Diigo 4.0 beta, the About feature is no longer explicit. Tags: resolved, wontfix

resolved wontfix Diigo About https bug

Graham Perrin

Diigo About | About This URL | command-click About Root URL | fails to present result i... - 39 views

1. 2. command-click 'About Root URL'. = Expected = htt...

resolved wontfix Diigo About inconsistency

Graham Perrin

Diigo About page doesn't link to readers or site communities when those features are re... - 27 views shows no readership. I'm sure that someone did annotate the URL (or a ...

resolved wontfix Diigo About site suggestion

Graham Perrin

The 'About' page should offer a hyperlink (not only a text field) the URL that it's abo... - 25 views

Example: I wish to offer as a starting point for but * unless I'm missing som...

resolved Diigo About GUI TTW suggestion meta

Graham Perrin

About | URL tag cloud | click a multiple-word tag | search results do not use the requi... - 54 views

1. 2. focus on the URL tag cloud 3. management of innovation (click) = Ex...

resolved wontfix multiple word tags TTW GUI bug

Graham Perrin

bad links to groups in "about" pages - 10 views

diigo "about" pages, such as have incorrect links for the groups links. the first 'group' URI component in the links to the gro...

resolved wontfix about bug

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