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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Forbidden Donuts

Forbidden Donuts

Firefox toolbar corruption - 18 views

conflict corruption diigo extension firefox toolbar
started by Forbidden Donuts on 26 Jul 07 no follow-up yet
  • Forbidden Donuts
    My Diigo FF toolbar becomes corrupted intermittently. The same error has occurred using the past several versions of the Diigo toolbar. Here's a brief description of the problem:

    Various buttons are added or duplicated on the Diigo toolbar. The majority of these are not functional or function incorrectly. My filtered lists stop working and will only display "loading..." Reinstalling the toolbar does not fix the problem. If I revert to a previously working version of my Firefox profile, things return to normal. However, it eventually happens again - may be later that day or later that week.

    I am guessing that it may be a conflict with another installed extension. I know you can't test the toolbar with every extension out there, but could you create a running list of known conflicts? I looked for such a list but have not been able to find one. A list of known conflicts would be really helpful for users that are trying to troubleshoot. Has anyone else experienced a similar error?

Tag cloud sorting - 97 views

started by Stefan on 12 May 07 no follow-up yet
  • Forbidden Donuts
    I second the motion. I would much prefer to have the tag cloud default to an alphabetical listing. I don't believe this is currently an option in the user settings (unless I missed something). Ideally, I guess you should be able to choose how you would prefer to have your tags displayed by default:

    - Tag cloud by frequency
    - Tag cloud alphabetically
    - List by frequency
    - List alphabetically

    At least that would be my personal suggestion. I know I would use it.

    stef94510 wrote:
    > My tag cloud always reverts to sorted by frequency. However, I notice that the tag cloud in the user forum is always sorted in alphabetic order. I much rather have diigo remember my last setting (alphabetic/frequency) or default to alphabetic. Did I miss some setting in my preferences?
Forbidden Donuts

Multiple category search errors - 6 views

bug customizedsearch
started by Forbidden Donuts on 13 May 07 no follow-up yet
  • Forbidden Donuts
    After the latest Diigo toolbar update (version 1.0.2007051201), I am experiencing a new error with the drop-down lists in the "multiple category search." For each category, such as "blog" or "web", the first choice in that list is correct. Now however, no matter which category I move my cursor over, the choices listed after the first option are incorrect. Each category lists the other choices that are under the bookmarks category. For example:

    Actual Customized search settings:
    - Bookmarks = Diigo, Furl, Blinklist
    - Web = Google, Yahoo, MSN
    - Blog = Technorati, Bloglines, Feedster

    Displayed options under drop-down search menu:
    - Bookmarks = Diigo, Furl, Blinklist
    - Web = Google, Furl, Blinklist
    - Blog = Technorati, Furl, Blinklist

    Does that make sense? I've tried logging out and back in. I've even tried it on a different computer with minimal extensions installed. It worked fine before this latest update. I can send you a screenshot if you'd prefer.

    Thanks for all your hard work.
Forbidden Donuts

Customized search feature suggestions - 11 views

customizedsearch feature
started by Forbidden Donuts on 13 May 07 no follow-up yet
  • Forbidden Donuts
    Hey Maggie,

    I really like the customized search feature. Two things, albeit minor, that would improve the feature and make it more user friendly:

    1. Add the ability to choose an icon for the custom categories that you add
    2. Ability to move a customized search to a different category

    Just a thought. I love Diigo and really appreciate all your hard work.
drew _

not button for related tags - 22 views

feature tag
started by drew _ on 11 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
  • Forbidden Donuts
    Good idea. I would definitely use it.
    a_drew wrote:
    > I would like to have a "-" button like the "+" button for related tags. The "+" works like an AND so the "-" would be a NOT. So if I have a tag color with related tags red green blue it would be possible to find links with tagged color AND red and NOT blue.
    > Is there another way to do this currently?
    > Thanks
    > drew
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