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conflict with switchproxy extension - 15 views

conflict extension firefox switchproxy

started by troy on 14 Aug 07
  • troy
    When I have the diigo toolbar enabled, I get exceptions when changing proxies using the switchproxy extension (on firefox). This does not happen if I disable the diigo toolbar.
  • Joel Liu
    We will look into it soon.
  • troy
    joel wrote:
    > We will look into it soon.

    Too slow. I'm giving up on the diigo toolbar.
  • Joel Liu
    Hi troycauble:
    I am sorry for the slow response on this issue. We decided to redesign the toolbar and solve all kinds of conflicts, so it costs us more time.
    You can use diigolet ( before the new toolbar is released.
    The new toolbar can be available in a few weeks.

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