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Sue Cifelli

Updated toolbar still conflicts with colorful tabs - 14 views

conflict firefox toolbar

started by Sue Cifelli on 10 May 07
  • Sue Cifelli
    Thanks very much for persevering with this. I really love the colorful tabs add on to Firefox. It makes it much easier to navigate open tabs, so need it to work with Diigo, and Diigo work with it.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Hi Sue,

    When we have a chance, we will take a look - if it's a quick fix and if we have time, will do it. But no guarantee that we will be able to get to it.

    Please understand that it's quite challenging and impossible for us to ensure our toolbar is 100% compatible with all extensions out there. Unless it's widely used by majority of our users and critical for us to ensure the compatibility, it's not likely to be a high priority. Thanks

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