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Forbidden Donuts

Firefox toolbar corruption - 18 views

conflict corruption diigo extension firefox toolbar

started by Forbidden Donuts on 26 Jul 07
  • Forbidden Donuts
    My Diigo FF toolbar becomes corrupted intermittently. The same error has occurred using the past several versions of the Diigo toolbar. Here's a brief description of the problem:

    Various buttons are added or duplicated on the Diigo toolbar. The majority of these are not functional or function incorrectly. My filtered lists stop working and will only display "loading..." Reinstalling the toolbar does not fix the problem. If I revert to a previously working version of my Firefox profile, things return to normal. However, it eventually happens again - may be later that day or later that week.

    I am guessing that it may be a conflict with another installed extension. I know you can't test the toolbar with every extension out there, but could you create a running list of known conflicts? I looked for such a list but have not been able to find one. A list of known conflicts would be really helpful for users that are trying to troubleshoot. Has anyone else experienced a similar error?
  • Joel Liu
    We try to solve any conflicts. Could you send your profile to us, we will look into it and find out what happened.
    To send us the profile, follow steps in

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