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Klaas Kay

My Clips Are Gone!!! - 42 views

Thanks a lot for replying. Let me get back to you as soon as possible with the info you requested. I'm kinda caught up with something urgent. Thanks!

bookmark bug clip disappear highlight


تحميل تطبيق ادوبي Premiere Clip APK برنامج اخراج الفيديو اندرويد | تحميل التط... - 0 views

    تحميل تطبيق ادوبي Premiere Clip APK برنامج اخراج الفيديو اندرويد Premiere Clip, Premiere Clip APK, Premiere Clip IOS, Premiere Clip اندرويد,Premiere, اخراج الفيديو, ادوبي, Adobe, برامج Adobe, Adobe APK, مونتاج فيديو, احتراف الاخراج
    تحميل تطبيق ادوبي Premiere Clip APK برنامج اخراج الفيديو اندرويد Premiere Clip, Premiere Clip APK, Premiere Clip IOS, Premiere Clip اندرويد,Premiere, اخراج الفيديو, ادوبي, Adobe, برامج Adobe, Adobe APK, مونتاج فيديو, احتراف الاخراج

Importatnt!! - The order of clippings is now preserved?? - 24 views

Hi Maggie! I was very chatty again in the above post. I've looked after and can not reproduce momentarily this error. Now everything worked well. Certainly, i was who made some shuffling. Aside...

bug clipit

Maggie Tsai

editing highlighted text - 50 views

jmresearch wrote: > I can already copy with Firefox w/o formatting. What I actually wanted was for my highlights to not be styled when I go to the "expanded" view in My Bookmarks. In the end, I d...

edit highlight

Cat‧ 貓

How to turn off "Clip It!"? - 30 views

Hi, Joel Yes, i've updated my toolbar. It works well. Thanks for your help! ^____^ joel wrote: > Hi, Anoranor > The new version is released. In this version, "Clip It" will appear in the upper ...

clipit toobar


Why i can't see the clipped pictures? -->> how to clip picture vs. video - 42 views

Are you referring to those "star images" on that page? I tried it and it seems ok - basically you just need to "clip" those image using our highlight function (they are not video nor flash ...

clip discussion picture

Maggie Tsai

Important: position of 'clip it' - 37 views

Good to know. thanks for your feedback. Please update your avatar.



3spots: Diigo, goes public! (vs Flock) - 1 views

  • Diigo, "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff", the web2.0 social bookmarks and annotation service, has finally announced going public today!*I've been waiting for this to write about it, well here it goes:Diigo is a great, no, a fantastic tool(!) Not only for bookmarking but also for research, blogging and a must for any social bookmark mania. It's a kind if mix between (social bookmarks), Wizlite (web highlight and notes), Onlywire (multi post to social bookmarks), with Blogging support. Diigo vs Flock: In fact, there are some similarities with Flock, the web 2.0 browser, though you can install Diigo on Flock you'll get some close features, like: blogging: They both support WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad and MovableType for now (+Dupral for Flock) exempt that Diigo, instead of a blog editor, uses the online blog editor.+ In flock you can save your post for later, in Diigo you can clip the text you want and blog from your bookmarks later on. (See an example, select all and expand to see what I mean.) Bookmarking: Both have a one click bookmark. Flock can sync and bookmark to Shadows and Diigo's, called QuickD, let's you set a custom tag and also can simultaneous bookmark to:, BlinkList, Furl, Netvouz, RawSugar, Simpy, Spurl, Yahoo, locally... and of course at Diigo! Search: They both have good search but very different. Flock can search though bookmarks, history, the web and add search plugins like in Firefox. Else Diigo let's you completely customize, add search engines and display them in one or more dropdown menus on the toolbar. (For example, I customized a part of mine for searching though social bookmarks: digg, popular, Netvouz, Hatena...and the same menu that will search my bookmarks.) And at the Diigo website there's an in-page pop-up advanced search which let's you search tags, url, title, phrase, in comments, in highlight or anywhere for only user's or community bookmarks.So using both, Diigo AND Flock, makes you someone very very... social!? ;-)Highlighting:This is the main interesting feature in Diigo.You may not have the Flock's RSS reader support*, nor the drag and drop Flickr or PhotoBucket toolbars but you can Clip text and images, Highlight, Web notes and Aggregate the clippings. Aggregating clippings lets you collect text on the web and later view them all on one page, very useful for research and blogging. See the screenshot. Diigo's highlighting styles Other special features: A bookmark status icon on the toolbar shows if the page has been bookmarked by you, has been commented by any Diigo user or both.Tag cloud which is also a batch tag manager. [Screenshot]Batch selected: Set the selected bookmarks to public/private, mark as read/un-read, expand details or delete them. Quick access: A customizable drop down menu to quickly access any bookmarks of a certain tag. Forward: Email link AND clipping. (usually it's just the link.)Highlight: Search terms like the Google toolbar but also possible on bookmarks and inside non expanded clippings.Tagging: They can be comma OR space separated!Delete: This is a small detail and would be better shown in a video but I love it: When you delete a bookmark it 'flies out' and disappears with a zooming effect! ...and of course it's a one click delete. + all the usual features, and not so usual features like: import directly from browser bookmarks and, follow a tag, user or search results, RSS links, Unicode support, an Ajax linkroll generator and much more... This without mentioning what's comming up! (API included!)As you see, they have done many updates since they started in Decamber. If you want to see more there's a recent review by John from Libraryclips and very good and complete help pages with screen-shots at Diigo.Note: The toolbar exists for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Flock, but incase you find yourself in an internet cafe, there's also an in-page bookmarklet for bookmarking. All the rest, annotation, blogging... comes with it's the toolbar.I've used, and still use now, the Diigo toolbar along many other extensions, where in the beginning it did have some compability problems, it's been a while I haven't had any.*I want to apologise to all the diigo team for the other day with a special thanks to Maggie Tsai for her kind understanding and reaction. -Some of you may know what it is, if you don't I won't tell you. (><") ::Shame::
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Maggie Tsai

[News] New FF toolbar released - now video clipping / playing supported - 25 views

Our engineers do miracle :-) The new FF toolbar with the new "Clip" on/off switch is now available instead of next week. Please check out

clipit news toolbar video

Adam Bohannon

"Clip It" makes Embedded Vids disappear - 97 views

What source are you clipping videos from? (i.e. YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.) Different sites use different video formats... this may help to solve the problem. reallyclean wrote: > I can't see vi...

bug clipit


Twitch Clips: Everything You Need to Know - 0 views

    A Twitch clip is a 5-60 second video segment that you and your viewers can create on your streams. Are you a Twitch streamer? If so, you probably wanted to keep the best moments from each live stream. That's what a Twitch clip does.
Graham Perrin

Group topic redirect: 1529 (v3) to 547725 (v4): fail - 5 views

    bug fixed. thanks.

How is the Video clipping supposed to work? - 34 views

I've read the reference and looked at the video, but I'm still no better off. When I use the Clip button, all that happens is that it bookmarks the page on which the video is. In other words it do...


Joe Buhler

Blog This Problems - 10 views

Here's a follow-up on the problem. Just after posting the previous comment, I was trying again and the correct page opened up. Thought I was home free. After preparing the post and clicking on "pos...

blogthis bug

Maggie Tsai

Add a tag to clipit - 59 views

I'm going to send you a new alpha toolbar that allows you to add tag to "Clip It". Like to get your feedback before releasing to everyone. Thanks Anyone interested in helping us to test - pleas...



Sticky note text disappears after a short pause. - 32 views

To close the loop, this new version of the tool bar has resolved the issue on both Mac and PC in firefox. hightechdad wrote: > Thanks Maggie. > > The "preview" release of the new toolbar DID cor...

sticky note


Famous funny video clips - 0 views

    There are many channel are offering funny things on internet, these days, most people are interested in watching Funny video clips rather than going serious one. These kinds of videos are good for health and you should continue watching funny video clip.
Maggie Tsai

Suggestion: Bookmark=clip+label+alerts - 23 views

Thanks - These are interesting comments. Will discuss more here.

calendar-reminder hierarchies rss-reader searching view-pattern


L-clip carton sealer - 0 views

    BJ-P2 L-Clip Box Sealing Machine * Origin:Japan * Tape width: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm * Speed: 15~40 boxes/min * Hole size: 20~50mm(±1~2mm) * Scope of application: PP tape, PET cloth tape, Glass cloth tape, and so on.
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