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Contents contributed and discussions participated by darorme


Timed Tags and Timed Comments + Diigo - 22 views

annotation flash suggestion video
started by darorme on 08 Nov 07 no follow-up yet

Any tips of quickly moving one bookmark to another user account? - 27 views

account advise bookmark tagging tip user
started by darorme on 06 Nov 07 no follow-up yet
  • darorme
    Hi, I use 2 accounts. One for informal tagging and the other for formal tagging.

    For the sake of clarity:

    Informal tagging: Tags gone wild. Add as many as possible.

    Formal tagging: For me, I stick to the rule of 5 tags or less only per one bookmark

    Currently, I do this by having two different browsers opened, and re-highlighting/re-adding my sticky notes to the other account.

    Is there a better way of doing this? Preferably saving only the bookmarks + sticky note + highlights - the tags?

    The reason I say no tags is because I use the tag cloud/tag list as a preview for how useful the tags really are for searching on my formal tagging account.

How to clip video and how to make toolbar options stick? - 70 views

clip toolbar video
  • darorme
    1. When I click the clip video button, nothing happens. I'm not sure what's supposed to happen.

    2. Whenever Firefox restarts, toolbar resets to beginners rather than customize. Maybe it's because I restart FF from crash. Just asking to be sure.
  • darorme
    Thanks mahsaito

Toolbar / Export - 143 views

  • darorme
    Recently read mahsaito's post about Diigo being buggy and didn't realize the scope of bugginess Diigo has.

    I think it's because I've been too busy highlighting/adding stickies/bookmarking to realize.

    Is Diigo right now better used for the rare occasion only?

    I asked this because even though I can sync my bookmarks through other social bookmarking sites, Diigo doesn't sync with Clipmarks so I have no way to back up my highlights and sticky notes.
  • darorme
    The bookmark in one of this group's collection comparing diigo/furl/delicious.

    I apologize. I thought that was your blog. I misread shared by mahsaito. I think that just meant you highlighted a part of the blog.

How to set alpha - list view by default? - 45 views

cloud defaults list tagcloud tags view view-pattern

Cannot import from delicious - 29 views

bug import problem Delicious
started by darorme on 12 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
  • darorme
    New user here.

    It says the username and password doesn't match yet when I try logging into my delicious account, I can access it.

    I would try exporting then reimporting but I'm worried I won't get simultaneous bookmarking when I do try to add to diigo.

    I notice under the options menu, it just asks for my delicious username and not my password. How is Diigo able to log into a Delicious account and add a bookmark there?

    Edit: Nevermind. It works now. It may be because I didn't put anything under optional tags or I set things to private instead of delicious.
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