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arithwsun arithwsun

Suggestion: Bookmark=clip+label+alerts - 23 views

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started by arithwsun arithwsun on 05 Oct 07
  • arithwsun arithwsun

    I. clip=highlights texts or clip video×comments (sticky notes)

    II. alerts=rss reader×calendar reminder×searching alerts(like google alerts)

    III. label view=Group view+Tag view

    Group view=Folders view=Economics(automatically related to the subGroups/subfolders)+Share(determine the sharing authority of members)。

    tags is very important, both for bookmarking the website and organizing the personal files on his computer.

    I can see no reason that tagclouds company solve only one task.

    There are some suggestions for the "view pattern" of labels

    1. Matrix Pattern for the Tag clouds,
    I suggest that, besides the clouds itself, there are two choices line of tags,
    first, the horizonal line (on the top) is same as that of temporary "tag
    clouds", which interprete the "intersection" function of tags.

    Second, another line, the verticle line (maybe lie beside the cloud) should be
    considered, which will interprete the "union" function of tags.
    Explicitly speaking, when you click the tags in the clouds, these tags
    will first appear in the verticle line, and the showing files are
    related to the "union" of these tags. i.e. this file maybe belong to
    the first tags in the verticle line, and that file maybe belong to the
    second tags in the verticle line.

    And then, the horizonal line will show the tags which has the intersection with that "unions".
    Once the user click the tags in the horizonal line, the "intersection"
    function will be applied, just like what we do now.

    II. Folders view of Tags, Once users name some tags as the "folders" or "groups", and
    define their hierarchies structure, the user will be able to see that
    recursive nested view. Yahoo bookmarks now has enable such function,
    but they donnot understand that, "Folders" is just another view of
    Tags, so the same named Folder and Tag are different in Yahoo
    bookmark. But this is unnessary for our brain. And diigo realize folders view meanings shareing, but diigo donot realize groups have the
    hierarchies structure. And Diigo also donot realize "groups" is just another view of labels, so
    so the same named group and Tag are different in diigo.

    Further, such hierarchies structure will satisfy the theory of psychology. That is,
    once you tags a file with "2.1.1" (for example), then this file will be
    automatically tagged with the upper tags in the hierarchies, such as
    "2.1" and "2" . This is the ecnomical philosophy.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks - These are interesting comments. Will discuss more here.

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