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Sean Brady

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started by Sean Brady on 13 Dec 09
  • Sean Brady
    I noticed that you updated the Chrome extension page with a new note about functionality. I just wanted to add a couple of thoughts as you are thinking about changes to the current extension.

    I know a lot of people are asking for a toolbar, and that toolbars are not an option in Chrome. Hopefully, you can think about the functionality that you want to bring directly into Chrome and develop a new UI that does not rely on a toolbar. On a related note I am sure it is enticing to wait for some sort of sidebar control to replicate that functionality from IE/FF, but I hope you don't.

    IMHO, Chrome is a different type of browser, very minimal and you need to think about your extension in terms of that minimalism. Toolbars ands sidebars just don't fit into what Chrome offers.

    With that said:

    1. Consider an overlay like the extension has. This would be especially nice if you could find a way to collapse it.

    2. Try and bring in the core functionality and skip the rest. While the toolbar does many things, the extension really just needs to provide a way to a) bookmark, b) annotate and c) review markups & meta info.

    3. Add something new. Would be awesome to see HTML 5 or Google Gears implemented somehow with the new extension. Something that could set it apart from the other browsers.

    4. Integrate with the rest of Chrome. Can you integrate with bookmarks and bookmark sync? Can Diigo be enhanced with the Omnibar?
  • Joel Liu
    Thanks. Very good points. For 3), did you have some specific ideas?
  • Sean Brady
    I have been thinking about it. I think th emost obvious thing would be the ability to sync bookmarks, and annotations offline. I am not sure there is much value in it though. I have been poking around the Chromium site looking for inspiration.
  • Graham Perrin
    > HTML 5 or Google Gears

    Prefer HTML 5.

    (Gears is problematic.)
  • Sean Brady
    I just noticed that a very basic function of the Chrome extension does not work, and that is the ability to change the icon based on whether or not the current page is bookmarked.
  • Scott Wheatley
    I didn't have idea that a chrome extension exists

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