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Sean Brady

So many little Diigo integration - 291 views

started by Sean Brady on 07 Dec 10
  • Sean Brady
    Looking around on the Chrome web store I see:

    Read Later Fast
    Quick Note
    Read on Phone
    Awesome Screenshot

    All of these apps appear to be authored by Diigo, but none of them seem to actually integrate with Diigo. The Read later and Quick Note are particularly interesting since they seem to be natural fits for Diigo. Any plans to get all of this actually integrated with Diigo?
  • Maggie Tsai
    Yes, development take steps and time. So stay tuned.

    BTW, many of these new apps are meant to be single function stand-alone apps, not just limited to existing Diigo users only. Of course, when it's suitable, we will add support to Diigo integration and maybe even other selective cloud-based services, if appropriate

    Read on phone is a Chrome / Android app - already integrated with Diigo account (optional).

    In the case of Awesome Screenshot, some technology we developed has already been adapted in Diigo's "Capture" toolbar feature. While Diigo is certainly a powerhouse already, we are mindful that only selective additional features should be fully integrated into Diigo core functions without the risk of confusing users, and keep some of the new development as separate stand-alone apps with appropriate integration to allow max flexibility for all users - beginners vs. advanced, diigo users or not yet diigo users yet (once they experience how useful our apps are, it's also easier for them to discover how great Diigo platform is :-)
  • Maggie Tsai
    BTW, Google Chrome has announced very exciting development in Chrome OS / Chrome Web Store / Chrome notebook. They have limited notebooks to give away to help them test drive, so apply to get yours soon

    On top of 2 existing Chrome extensions, we just released two Chrome apps. Please check them out:

    * "READ LATER FAST" ~ Save pages to read later,online/offline.Improve browsing&avoid too many tabs

    * "QUICK NOTE" ~ quickest way to take notes in Google Chrome.

    They are both early beta version. More iterations to come. As you all know, our team continues to work really hard to deliver excellence. We'd really appreciate your kind support. Please kindly rate it favorably with a big 5-star and tell your friends!. For feedback / improvement suggestions, let's open up another thread - preferably in the new UserVoice forums.

  • Joel Liu
    Hi Sean,
    Hopefully, we will integrate quick note to diigo in 1 to 2 weeks. Others will be integrated to diigo later. BTW, could you let me know your webslides use scenario? Thanks.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Quick Note is now integrated with Diigo Check it out
  • Joel Liu
    Read later fast chrome app was also integrated in diigo now.
  • Sean Brady
    I commented on the feedback forum as well, but I thought I would share the same opinion here. The ability to sync with Read Later Fast (RLF) is nice, and makes the app useful now. When I archive something in RLF it is marked as read in Diigo, very nice. If I delete in RLF it is deleted in Diigo, very nice. Now the next update will hopefully enable at the very least the ability to tag and make public items in RLF. It would be even better if the full power of the Diigo extension in Chrome was available on the item I am reading. To be able to annotate, and share all from the RLF UI would give you a killer app.

    As it stands, I have reinstalled RLF and am going to move the items from Read It Later List into Diigo. I will give is a whirl and see how it goes.
  • Ian Spencer
    Read Later Fast just installed Firefox 4 and the settings icon won't activate and the icon. I have not used this before but use Diigo Toolbar. I have been able to setup quick note fine. any clues on setup on this?

  • Ian Spencer
    Forgot to mention pressing read it later button I get this in a new firefox tab

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