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Mah Saito

Webサイトを進化させるWeb2.0サービス実践ガイド - 0 views

  • Section 3.10 「ソーシャル・アノテーション」Diigo Section 3.11 Diigoで情報を整理する Section 3.12 メール・ブログとDiigoを組み合わせる Section 3.13 Diigoと他のSBMを組み合わせる
    This is the guidebook for web2.0.
Chelsea Quake

First time Diigo has failed me - bookmark tagged but not retrievable? - 52 views

I am having the same problem... I guess I'll take the same advice...! I notice others have been having the "no bookmarks tagged" problem going right back to April 09. I really want to stay with Dii...

tag search inconsistency group help resolved thanks thank you

Mah Saito

黎加厚教授东行记--初探Diigo在教学中的应用(续) - 0 views

  • 为了增强学生的学习兴趣,教师会不断地思考并改变陈旧的教学方式。追求教学形式的多样性,是激发学生学习热情,提高学习效率的重要措施。多媒体进入课堂,在一定程度上活跃了教室的气氛,整个教学过程变的有声有色。但随着多媒体教学方式的运用与发展,研究者发现大量的多媒体信息还是以填鸭式的方式灌输给学生。虽然转变了教学方式,但学生的互动性、参与性、自主学习与研究能力并没有得到很好的实现。Web2.0时代的Diigo工具可谓是促进多媒体教学发展的一座桥梁。基于传统的网络教学方式,利用Diigo的Highlight功能,教师将教学内容中的重点与难点标出,并在Sticky Note中添加详细的解释。 整个的网络课程不需要搭建特别的平台,仅基于教师的个人Blog就可以得以实现。课前预习、课上学习、课后复习都可以借助此课程达到一定的学习目的。关于某个有疑问的重点或难点,学生还可以添加回复,对此教师即可以单独进行辅导,也可以根据问题提出的频率,在课堂上进行专门的讲解。所以说,Diigo能有效地帮助教师改善教学内容,增强学生与教师之间的交流与互动。Webslides课程包、书签式网络课程也是丰富教学内容的很好方式。 (三)为师生提供便捷的交流平台 教师和学生在教学过程中都不可避免地会遇到很多令人困惑的问题。自主研究当然是不错的方式,但讨论交流才可以扩展思路,一个建议可能会带来新的思路。而且,与他人交流还可以学到许多新知识,新方法。关于教学或学习过程中的某一个问题,可以分享到众人的不同观点,整个过程就像一次头脑风暴,不断迸发出新的亮点。Diigo的群组功能,标注的回复功能为我们提供了不同的交流平台。教师可以针对某个学习内容建立一个组,以便学生更透彻的掌握科学知识。学生也可以针对某个难点建立一个组,让大家一起出谋划策,共同学习。并且,师生之间的沟通交流,加强了彼此间的了解,这将会使教学过程更加和谐顺畅。教师可以适当的对不同的讨论组进行管理,以促进整个教学过程更良性化的发展。 (四)提高学生独立思考、自主学习的能力 教育的目的不仅在于科学知识的传授,重点是培养学生的综合素质。例如学习能力、思考能力、创新能力等。Diigo恰好能在这些方面对学生进行锻炼。针对社会中的某些现象,学生利用Sticky Note发表自己的看法,并对他人的不同观点发表评论。在众多的言论中,辨别认同或反对的立场,从而锻炼学生辨别分析、独立判断的能力。表达不仅意味着与人分享,将阅读权限设置为私有,随时随地记下个人想法,促使自己积极、主动、独立的思考。而且学生可以定期梳理自己不同时期的想法,以发现观点的变化,思维的发展,并自我分析原因。利用Diigo,学生的学习兴趣被激发、学习的主动性相应增强,Web2.0时代的教育和学习理念也会适应性地变化和发展。 四、结束语 目前,Diigo正在发展之中,用户也不够广泛,Diigo在有些方面的功能还不是很完善。例如,添加好友的功能单一、部分功能的可配置项太少。但新的创意带来好的工具,好的工具一定会得到大众的认可。我们相信,在信息技术飞速发展的今天,像Diigo这样极具实用价值的Web2.0工具,随着用户的增多,Diigo在教育中运用将会逐步走向成熟,成为新时期教育工作者必备的网络工具之一。
Maggie Tsai - Sanity to Insanity - Diigo: powerful tool, so much underrated - 0 views

  • A powerful Social Annotation and Research Tool - DIIGO! Well indeed Diggo is the coolest tool I have ever come across on the web2.0 scenario. It is a social annotation tool, social book mark tool and a online notes. Fits good to the best researchers online, it is a team tool, that leverages the time spent online. You do not waste a single minute and not waste the time spent in finding data and loosing it. Find it, mark it, send it, store it, import it!! surprising, this is all accomplished by a single tool and it is so much under rated.
  • With Diggo you can be rest assured you have the data saved and sent in seconds! Once your fellow researcher (or a friend) gets online on the same page, knowing or by chance, he can see that you have left a message for him. All you need is, both of you will have to install the Firefox/Internet Explorer/Flock/Opera browser toolbars. These toolbars will make sure both of you do not note the same or miss an important data.
  • Not only researchers, or known friends, but also strangers with same interest can make use of (rather exploit) this tool and do wonders. Say for example a bird watching community is on the prowl for a rare bird, or the very famous Flamingos, they all land up in a page that has abundance of information about the Flamingos, they can mark certain text in the page and leave a comment. Say a professor is leaving a comment about the Flamingos, and their migratory pattern, the others can see this note, respond to it! Later people with the same tool (Diigo toolbar) come to the page can see the conversation that has happened on the web, and note that this page is quite popular.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • That is why "Ramanathan of TechnoPark" claims this tool is under rated, I kinda more than agree with his view
  • once this tool is leveraged the right way, this tool would rock the world. The world (read Internet) would be a better and wonderful place to live in.Imagine you stumble upon a web page and think no one has ever come into this page before! or Come into the page and see how many people have come in and left comments on the same page, and information. It is up to the Netizen to decide how good this tool can be put to use, and not destroy the beauty of this Web2.0 tool! >
Maggie Tsai

Best 2007 web2.0 app for education - 20 views

Larry Ferlazzo has put together his list of the top education startups of 2007, but Diigo is not on his list :-( While I will certainly write him to introduce Diigo to him, I invite you to comme...


started by Maggie Tsai on 25 Dec 07 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

A little question about the lists - 145 views

John Terrell wrote: > a 'bundle' function like in delicious In the screen shot at a menu drops down to show: * bundles of tags *...

lists list tag (metadata) tag group bundle suggestion

Maggie Tsai

Tags being clipped - 272 views

fridemar > > The author doesn't think, that the Diigo community is happy with such a state, which appears to him only as a bug feature of the diigo software and not a missing social ...


McAfee Support 1-800-445-2810

McAfee Retail Card - | McAfee Anitvirus Technical Support Number - 1 views

    +44-800-078-6054 UK | install and activate McAfee security. Provide instant support for McAfee with our McAfee antivirus support number UK, customer service for UK
junkai Lin

您现在的成员组的Web2.0 | Diigo集团 - 0 views

shared by junkai Lin on 31 Jul 13 - No Cached
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Gilmar Mattos

Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket - 1 views

    Another alternative for uploading and sharing pictures.
    Hi, could you post this bookmark instead to a group that's related to sharing of photos and videos? Thanks.
Christopher Watson

kis21learning wiki / Must-Have Accounts for Read-Write Web - 0 views

  • Hint: use the same username and password you use for everything else (except your bank account). First, create a bookmark folder labeled HS Accounts in your bookmarks toolbar on Firefox: Firefox > Bookmarks > Bookmark this page > Click Expand Triangle (Right of "Create In") Bookmarks Toolbar > New Folder > Web 2.0 > Add   Here we go. A Baker's Dozen Bookmarks:
    • Clay Burell
      If I could be any kind of artist or performer, my fantasy would be to become a __________________ (ex., writer, photographer, painter, filmmaker, musician, talk-show host, comedian, journalist, etc.).
  • Join the KIS 1:1 laptop Diigo group so we can play with the million life-sa ving ways you can use this for yourself or your classes.  Install the Firefox Diigo toolbar. Restart Firefox. Click "install" On Diigo Toolbar, click dropdown triangle > SHOW ANNOTATIONS > GROUPS > 1:1 Laptop See anything different?  Hover over it
  • Click "install" On Diigo Toolbar, click dropdown triangle > SHOW ANNOTATIONS > GROUPS > 1:1 Laptop See anything different?  Hover over it
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Subscribe to it with Bloglines!
    • Christopher Watson
      I noticed Bloglines is the reader of choice here. Specific reasons? Is it back to beating Google Reader? Thanks.
Mah Saito

SIGNUPer(WEB2.0にサインアップ!): Diigo - ソーシャルブックマーク+たくさん - 0 views

    This is a blog conotents "How to start Diigo" for Japanese user.

FunCaster: Sharing on Web 2.0 No Longer Means Having to Upload - 0 views

    A widget that displays desktop content on most of the Web 2.0 sites... Makes it possible to share without uploading to any server.
Maggie Tsai

Project Based Learning Diigo Group « Web2.0 in High School - 0 views

  • I downloaded the Diigo toolbar and have not looked back. I must say that Twitter, which is now the backbone of my PNL has made Diigo that much more relevant to me.
  • Think Delicous meets Facebook (less the spam). You can happily go about your business of tagging the web - but - with Diigo you can actually highlight specific parts of the text on the page that interested you. You can then add a post it note type comment.
  • But, the real power lies in the ability for Diigo to become a community. Now you can save your bookmark to a group who share a common interest (some form of EduTech in my case). Now your bookmark and comment are that much more important. You can share comments on bookmarks with your group! I am sure that I’ll find more uses for it as the months roll by. Join the Diigo Project Based Learning Group
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  • Our school is modelling (and adapting the Napa Foundation ’style’) with teachers currenly heading to the US for in-school in-service. I just had to start a Diigo Group. Please feel free to join and ask questions. We hope to share our experiences with other PBL schools. There are 4 ICT teachers at our school involved in PBL and a range of other KLA staffers - so if you’re thinking about PBL, then join the group.
Maggie Tsai

Diigo at Runaway - 0 views

  • 什么是Diigo?Diigo是“Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff”的缩写,当你在网上浏览的时候,你可以对你认为重要的信息和文章段落进行高亮标注甚至对其增加一个你的批注,看,现在圈阅文章也不是纸媒介的专利了。 而当你对这些信息进行批注和高亮标示的时候,这些信息可以自动的选择加入到你的收藏里,而加入到你收藏的这些信息不仅仅只是一个收藏夹的效果,同时还可以分享给其他人,这些信息以及你的批注可以分类并通过Diigo Toolbar进行搜索,他人也可以对这些信息进行评价(又一个social bookmark?),你也可以很方便的通过Diigo Toolbar将你的信息发送到BLOG上去。作为一个web2.0服务,Diigo同样也支持tags。 我的一个朋友曾经几次推荐这个服务给我,但是我一直因为要安装toolbar而没有使用(我不喜欢在我的Firefox上安装工具栏),然而Diigo有一个Diigolet我以前没注意到,这个小东西应该只是一个js文件,只要把它拖进你的bookmark toolbar就可以了,一点也不影响美观。在你浏览网站的只要点击这个按钮,就会弹出一个Diigo的信息栏,通过这个信息栏你可以使用Diigo所有的基本功能。
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3spots: Diigo, goes public! (vs Flock) - 1 views

  • Diigo, "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff", the web2.0 social bookmarks and annotation service, has finally announced going public today!*I've been waiting for this to write about it, well here it goes:Diigo is a great, no, a fantastic tool(!) Not only for bookmarking but also for research, blogging and a must for any social bookmark mania. It's a kind if mix between (social bookmarks), Wizlite (web highlight and notes), Onlywire (multi post to social bookmarks), with Blogging support. Diigo vs Flock: In fact, there are some similarities with Flock, the web 2.0 browser, though you can install Diigo on Flock you'll get some close features, like: blogging: They both support WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad and MovableType for now (+Dupral for Flock) exempt that Diigo, instead of a blog editor, uses the online blog editor.+ In flock you can save your post for later, in Diigo you can clip the text you want and blog from your bookmarks later on. (See an example, select all and expand to see what I mean.) Bookmarking: Both have a one click bookmark. Flock can sync and bookmark to Shadows and Diigo's, called QuickD, let's you set a custom tag and also can simultaneous bookmark to:, BlinkList, Furl, Netvouz, RawSugar, Simpy, Spurl, Yahoo, locally... and of course at Diigo! Search: They both have good search but very different. Flock can search though bookmarks, history, the web and add search plugins like in Firefox. Else Diigo let's you completely customize, add search engines and display them in one or more dropdown menus on the toolbar. (For example, I customized a part of mine for searching though social bookmarks: digg, popular, Netvouz, Hatena...and the same menu that will search my bookmarks.) And at the Diigo website there's an in-page pop-up advanced search which let's you search tags, url, title, phrase, in comments, in highlight or anywhere for only user's or community bookmarks.So using both, Diigo AND Flock, makes you someone very very... social!? ;-)Highlighting:This is the main interesting feature in Diigo.You may not have the Flock's RSS reader support*, nor the drag and drop Flickr or PhotoBucket toolbars but you can Clip text and images, Highlight, Web notes and Aggregate the clippings. Aggregating clippings lets you collect text on the web and later view them all on one page, very useful for research and blogging. See the screenshot. Diigo's highlighting styles Other special features: A bookmark status icon on the toolbar shows if the page has been bookmarked by you, has been commented by any Diigo user or both.Tag cloud which is also a batch tag manager. [Screenshot]Batch selected: Set the selected bookmarks to public/private, mark as read/un-read, expand details or delete them. Quick access: A customizable drop down menu to quickly access any bookmarks of a certain tag. Forward: Email link AND clipping. (usually it's just the link.)Highlight: Search terms like the Google toolbar but also possible on bookmarks and inside non expanded clippings.Tagging: They can be comma OR space separated!Delete: This is a small detail and would be better shown in a video but I love it: When you delete a bookmark it 'flies out' and disappears with a zooming effect! ...and of course it's a one click delete. + all the usual features, and not so usual features like: import directly from browser bookmarks and, follow a tag, user or search results, RSS links, Unicode support, an Ajax linkroll generator and much more... This without mentioning what's comming up! (API included!)As you see, they have done many updates since they started in Decamber. If you want to see more there's a recent review by John from Libraryclips and very good and complete help pages with screen-shots at Diigo.Note: The toolbar exists for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Flock, but incase you find yourself in an internet cafe, there's also an in-page bookmarklet for bookmarking. All the rest, annotation, blogging... comes with it's the toolbar.I've used, and still use now, the Diigo toolbar along many other extensions, where in the beginning it did have some compability problems, it's been a while I haven't had any.*I want to apologise to all the diigo team for the other day with a special thanks to Maggie Tsai for her kind understanding and reaction. -Some of you may know what it is, if you don't I won't tell you. (><") ::Shame::
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jincheng li

All Things Web 2.0 - Diigo - 1 views

  • Diigo - love it Reviewed by zog, 2006-08-18 Fantastic, incredible site. So useful, Can bookmark, can annotate, can add stickies, can collaborate, can filter tags, can open all in tabs, can post to other sites, etc, etc. Icon changes to tell you in advance whether you have already bookmark a site or whether you have any highlighted text or images, yes images too. Which bookmarkers can do these? Awesome!
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Maggie Tsai

web 2.0 blog » Beta Review - diigo social bookmarking and annotation service - 0 views

  • A few weeks back I managed to score an invite to a new social bookmarking/annontation site called diigo. I am quite excited by the potential of a service such as this and its really starting to realise some of the oppourtunity out there. Essentially diigo lets you bookmark pages, tag those bookmarks, add comments to those bookmarks, highlight content within pages, add comments to those pages that are viewable by all diigo users and utilise all the community features your used to like subscribing to your friends lists. Thats not a list of features that springs out of the page, many of these ideas have been attempted previously. Its more the deftness that diigo handles these ideas with that makes it stand out from the pack. Theres also the fact that its all bundled into one service.
  • the best way to sum up a service like diigo is that it overlays a Web 2.0 service on top of Web 1 sites. Things like tagging, annotation, social bookmarking and social commenting are very Web 2.0 in nature. diigo allows you to apply these ideas to normal Web 1 style sites.
  • Take, for example the BBC News site. Theres an awfull lot of content on there, some of which I would be interested in the thoughts of others on. Currently only certain, carefully chosen stories feature comments. diigo, however, allows you to comment on these stories, furthermore you can highlight actual pieces of text within the story and comment on them. And then others can view your comments and add their own. It is possible to have a linear conversation based around single web pages or even paragraphs of content. When you take the potential of the above and add in a competant social bookmarking service you can begin to see where diigo is heading as a service. The diigo team are aware that there are numerous other services out there, the one that is certainly a huge obstacle in terms of social bookmarking is, a service that I absolutely love. To make the transition a bit easier you can import your bookmarks into diigo from, you can also automatically add your diigo bookmarks to
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • One of the things I’ve seen other people rave about is the ability to have “private” objects on diigo. So an annotation, bookmark, comment etc can be hidden from other users, something that can only currently be done in with a hack. Personally I think this is neither here nor there, while its nice to have the option (when I first started using I did feel I was being forced into the whole social aspect of it rather than finding my own way) it does remove from some of the community aspects. Of course this is an obvious attempt to move diigo into local (browser) bookmark territory as opposed to what is usually used for, which tends to be more for points of interest. There are sites I have bookmarked, such as my bank, that I would never add to, I would be more tempted to add it as a private bookmark to diigo (although I haven’t).
  • The bookmarklet is in fact very advanced, you fire it up and a small toolbar appears at the top of your browser window. One option allows you to bookmark the page and there are links to your diigo bookmarks and subscriptions. Theres also a “highlight” option that only becomes active when you have some text highlighted. Generally the bookmarklet works well, you can hide it from your screen and call it back by moving your mouse to the left of the browser and it generally copes well.
  • To sum up, I liked the diigo service. Its attempt to augment basic webpages with advanced features is admirable. Currently theres a sense of community lacking which may be down to the fact that it is currently a closed beta, it may also be down to the lack of a “popular” page be it overall or by tag, both would be good. There are also a lot of features that are in the pipeline and alot of features that I didn’t get a chance to test out, features like “Blog This”
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