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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Dave O'Reardon

Dave O'Reardon

First time Diigo has failed me - bookmark tagged but not retrievable? - 51 views

tag search inconsistency group help resolved thanks thank you
started by Dave O'Reardon on 14 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
  • Dave O'Reardon
    Hi all.

    I bookmarked using the Firefox add in and tagged it with: music web2.0. As you'd expect, the cloud or My Tags list show both music and web2.0 tags have 1 bookmark. However, clicking on either of those tags results in a "no bookmarks tagged music" or "no bookmarks tagged web2.0". Similarly, doing a search for music, web2.0 or even Grooveshark result in 0 results.
    I'm using Firefox 3.5.2.

    Known bug with flash websites perhaps? I wanted to do a search of this group but couldn't find how to search this group.
Dave O'Reardon

Not all Furl bookmarks imported - 36 views

bookmarks furl import
  • Dave O'Reardon
    I am trying to import from Furl (by providing my Furl username and password), but diigo only imports 30 something bookmarks out of the 150 or so that I have in Furl.

    Any ideas?
  • Dave O'Reardon
    I found the problem - Furl does not export bookmarks which are marked as private. For anyone else that wants to export from Furl to Diigo (or any other app), make sure your Furl bookmarks are marked as public and also make sure the Furl topics that those bookmarks belong to are also marked as public.

    The only other discrepency between the Furl bookmark count and the imported bookmark count was due to duplicated bookmarks (identical URLs).
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