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Branislav Blesák

Opera web panel suggestion - 46 views

opera web panel sidebar toolbar suggestion

started by Branislav Blesák on 20 Jun 09
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  • Branislav Blesák
    Hi, could you please make a web panel for Opera? Since the Diigo sidebar is basically an embedded HTML page, it shouldn´t be that hard. And it could also have other functions that Diigo toolbar has.
  • Daniel Gauthier
    Not sure why Opera is always left behind...
    After testing latest Turbo version, i'm sometimes tempted to drop Firefox (we won't talk about IE). The speed in this browser is just superb! Apparently next Opera version will be even faster.
  • Graham Perrin
    … and Safari 4 in most recent Mac OS X on 64-bit Intel is stunning … and so on, for the various browsers. IMO we should encourage any/all developments that are not browser- or platform specific; what's good for use in one layout engine should be equally good for use in another engine:

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