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Frederik Van Zande

Neuromarketing » Emotional Ads Work Best - 0 views

    The idea that ads that engage us emotionally work better than those that don't might provoke a, "Well, duhhh!" reaction from Neuromarketing readers. Surprisingly, though, I still encounter business executives who don't believe they are swayed by emotional factors when buying things, and often doubt that others are either. So, for those uber-rational decision-makers, here's the hard data…
Navneet kumar

Building Global Brands: India's Story - 0 views

    Harjiv Singh, Co-Founder and CEO International of Gutenberg Communications,on how Indian companies can build global brands as part of "Branding in India," an event organized by Columbia Business School 's Center on Global Brand Leadership in New York
Frederik Van Zande

AMP!: Is Yahoo! Breaking Up the Advertising Atom? - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    he latest punch thrown in Yahoo!'s fight to stay relevant and avoid a take over by Microsoft is their unveiling of their new ad management software, named AMP!, which will ship this summer. Though pay-per-click text ads remain Google's (and thus the online ad industry's) bread and butter, there has been a lot of movement around online display advertising over the past year, an area which Yahoo! is currently top dog. Since the beginning of 2007, Microsoft bought aQuantive for $6 billion, Google acquired DoubleClick for $3.1 billion, AOL built up its Platform A with acquisitions of Tacoda, and Quigo, WPP spent $649 million to purchase 24/7 Real Media, and Yahoo! itself paid $680 million for Right Media. And now with AMP!, is Yahoo! actually opening up their ad silo?
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