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Stephanie Pasquale'%20Perspectives%20on%20Cyber%20Bullying.pdf - 36 views

    This article discusses a new form of bullying that can be just as harmful, cyber bullying. The goal of the article was to find out how students view cyber bullying and to see if cyber bullying prevention programs needed to be implemented.
Greg Brandenburg

Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship For Service - 0 views

    Big need for cyber security pros.

International Journal of Cyber Society and Education IJCSE (ISSN: 1995-6649) - - 37 views

    International Journal of Cyber Society and Education
Maggie Tsai

Filtering/Cyber Bullying - 61 views

Someone did bring this topic up in our last conversation. Anyone know whether there is some existing technology that we can leverage? We haven't had time to look into yet. Thanks (note: we ...

filter CIPA Compliance

Bob Rowan

Netsmartz Educators Page - 61 views

    from 3/4/2011 cyber-bullying presentation; lessons, videos, and other resources for teachers, parents, and students about responsible and safe online use, from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Don Doehla

Cyber Safety : InformED - 43 views

    An interactive safety guide
Steve Ransom

Cyber Security eBook Helps Parents and Teachers Educate Teens About Cyber Safety (Free Download) - 56 views

    Great resource for parents, teens and teachers!! Free eBook (PDF)
Heide DeMorris

MediaSmarts - 71 views

    "Here we explore digital literacy and media literacy and their underlying aspects and principles." Also info and resources on cyber security
    "Here we explore digital literacy and media literacy and their underlying aspects and principles." Also info and resources on cyber security
Siri Anderson

About GenCyber - 15 views

    Free introduction to cyber security coursework for K-12 students. A helpful introduction to computer science for students and teachers.

The Panda Sneezes: Youth Culture and The Digital Tattoo - 50 views

    YouTube, Twitter, Steaming Video: our students swim in media, but to what end? More thoughts on teen suicide, cyber bullying, Wikileaks and Gawker.
Marty Daniel

Leveraging Participatory Culture in Cybersafety Education (or, the benefits of "eating one's own dog food") | Welcome to NCS-Tech! - 52 views

    A great article about how we teach cyber safety.
    Thanks, Marty! Glad you liked the article!
    Love The Thin Line web site...should be required of teenagers with phones!
Tony Baldasaro

Benefits of Online Learning | Education Guidance | - 45 views

  • anytime, from anywhere
  • Online learning enables student-centered teaching approaches
  • attendance to class is only evident if the student actually participates in classroom discussion
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • increases student interaction
  • exposed to knowledge that can't be learned in books
  • Participating online is much less intimidating than "in the classroom.
  • Students can also think longer about what they want to say and add their comments when ready
  • While "brick and mortar" institutions will never be eliminated,
    "Why do students flock to the online learning environment? With over 4 million students are enrolled in online schools and universities (and that number is growing 30% per year), there are many compelling arguments for attending a cyber classroom (Lewis, 2005). "

Those Loose Ends: On Magic Keys and Fig Leaves - 14 views

    Cyber-bullying? Anti-bullying? What do these terms mean? Can 2.0 problems be solved with legislative tools from the 1.0 world? 
B Allen


    • B Allen
      this one looks really good!
    web quests for cyber bullying. pretty good ones
Marc Patton

kidsAgainstBullying - 5 views

    interactive cyber bullying web site
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