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Nigel Coutts

The Emerging Trend of Connected Institutions - The Learner's Way - 8 views

    The book 'Non Obvious' by Rohit Bhargava present an intriguing exploration of how careful observation and thought can reveal emerging trends and as the subtitle suggest 'predict the future'. For educators the ability to identify the trends which will deliver the best outcomes for our students from the noise of fads is alluring. While the talk of new technologies, of learner centric pedagogies and teaching for lifelong learning play the part of the obvious trends in education identifying the non-obvious trend is a more challenging endeavour. 
Tony Baldasaro

Education will never be a trending topic - Teach42 - 0 views

  • trending topics. They’re essentially a taste of what’s on people’s minds and typically revolve around recent news, television events, buzz generating blog posts and of course, memes.
  • Not only that, considering that according to their research, a trending topic has an average shelf life of about 11 minutes, there would need to be more than 100 tweets per minute for it to attain the ‘weight’ needed
  • As popular as Twitter is, as popular as Facebook is, they are both still used by only a fraction of educators, and within that fraction, they only reach the niche audience you have.
    Steve Dembo writes about whether or not education will be a trending topic.
Roland O'Daniel

5 Trends in Education Technology Leadership -- THE Journal - 57 views

    5 Trends in Education Technology Leadership SETDA's "National Educational Technology Trends Report" spotlights state efforts to boost learning through the federal Enhancing Education Through Technology program. By David Nagel04/23/10
Gerald Carey

Three Trends That Will Shape the Future of Curriculum | MindShift - 85 views

  • Given the growing momentum of these trends, what does it mean for students, teachers, schools, and the education community at large? Collaborating and customizing. Educators are learning to work together, with their students, and with other experts in creating content, and are able to tailor it to exactly what they need. Critical thinking. Students are learning how to effectively find content and to discern reliable sources. Democratizing education. With Internet access becoming more ubiquitous, the children of the poorest people are able to get access to the same quality education as the wealthiest. Changing the textbook industry. Textbook publishers are finding ways to make themselves relevant to their digital audience. Emphasizing skills over facts. Curriculum incorporates skill-building.
    Sorry forgot the three trends (the above are consequences of these trends) 1. Digital delivery "No longer shackled to books as their only source of content, educators and students are going online to find reliable, valuable, and up-to-the-minute information" 2. Interest driven curriculum "Though students typically have to wait until their third year of college to choose what they learn, the idea of K-12 education being tailored to students' own interests is becoming more commonplace" 3. Skills 2.0 " Instead of learning from others who have the credentials to 'teach' in this new networked world, we learn with others whom we seek (and who seek us) on our own and with whom we often share nothing more than a passion for knowing"
Trudi Shine

Google Trends - 2 views

    find out popular trends
Roland Gesthuizen

6 trends that will accelerate the adoption of technology in higher education | Features... - 50 views

    "We take a look at the six "key trends" picked out in the NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition"
Jeff Andersen

inPERSPECTIVE / FITNESS TRENDS - Fitness Trends in Rising Generations - 2 views

    Health and wellness is a priority for a majority of the younger demographics; according to Stanford Health, 53% of millennials say it's the most important part of their lives, coming in second behind family. Millennials have been coined the "wellness generation," but with gen Z surpassing them as the most populous generation at 32% of the population, there are new fitness practices that are taking over the industry to appeal to this even younger crowd. These rising fitness trends are more interactive, less time-consuming and have eco-friendly options.
Nancy Schmidt

"What's Good" is Better than "What's New?" | Practical Theory - 1 views

    • Nancy Schmidt
      Don't always add because the media touts something as the best new trend in education. We must marry the best ideas of the past to our current world...must identify what students need to be success then identify what is the best technology that will help them achieve that knowledge.
    Let's not lose sight of what constitutes good teaching by following the hot trends.

Scholastic predicts top children's book trends for 2013 » Kidscreen - 61 views

  • Editors at Scholastic have forecast bullying, novel-in-cartoons, tough girls and kid lit on the screen as some of the top trends in kids books to watch out for in 2013.
Steven Engravalle

Cool Infographics - Blog - 200+ Infographic Resumes, an escalating trend - 8 views

    In the book, "Literacy is Not Enough," the authors talk about media fluency and the fact that students need to be able to communicate with multimedia as well as they do with text. We are seeing this trend in so many places, and this site offers some great examples in "visual resumes." Sample projects like this take the digital portfolio so many schools have developed to the next level.

iPads are in, cursive is out (and other education trends) - The Globe and Mail - 5 views

    iPads are in, cursive is out (and other education trends)
Roland Gesthuizen

Why BYOD Isn't a Trend - 98 views

  • This isn't just about Compaq vs. IBM PCs, as I had to deal with back in the day. Or Windows vs. Mac OS. It is about supporting everything, like it or not. And doing so on puny IT budgets too.
    Ever since PCs first started entering corporations in the early 1980s, IT managers have had to contend with users bringing in their own gear. Some analysts call this the consumerization of IT, which still is just a new name for an old trend.
Phil Taylor

- 4 Trends of Global Connectivity We As Educators Can No Longer Ignore - 59 views

    "4 Trends of Global Connectivity We As Educators Can No Longer Ignore"
Roland Gesthuizen

DERN - 49 views

    "Welcome to the Digital Education Research Network (DERN) for 2014. At the start of each school and academic year teaching subjects and courses for the coming year are often reviewed and resources allocated. Questions invariably arise about the benefits of learning with digital technologies and the best ways to deploy digital technologies; that is, what are the current technology trends?"
Jeff Andersen

Five Predictions for the Future of Education in 2019 | Emerging Education Technologies - 38 views

    Online education and digital learning tools-whether as a supplement to an on-campus experience, or as a full distance-learning program-have transformed the practice of education in recent years. Even more significantly, it's become clear that this trend is accelerating. What's in store for this year? Here are 5 trends in Education Technology to watch in 2019.
Jeff Andersen

Web Design Trends in 2017 - The Big List - Social Strategy Ltd. - 34 views

    I remember how websites were in the old days. Things were simple; more attention to text, quite dull pages. Things have come a long way since then. With the increasing importance of web technology for businesses and individuals alike, and with the introduction of new uses such as mobile, designers needed to come up with new design concepts. We've been through material designs, hamburger menus, animated backgrounds, and in general simple typography and designs to cater for the increasingly speedy nature of modern life.
Steve Ransom

Trends in Bullying and Peer Victimization - 1 views

    "In this bulletin, we will summarize the trends, from youth sur‐ veys that have tracked bullying specifically, and also those that have tracked closely related phenomena such as school assaults, school thefts, school fighting and school hate speech."
Meaghan Davis

10 Major Technology Trends in Education -- THE Journal - 159 views

  • 89 percent of high schools students have access to Internet-connected smart phones, while 50 percent of students in grades 3 through 5 have access to the same type of devices.
    • Meaghan Davis
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