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Martin Burrett

Is your school https compliant? - 12 views

    "Earlier this year (2018), Google's Chrome web browser began marking sites without HTTPS as non-secure, meaning that when using a website, HTTP connections are being penalised. This has implications for many schools, in that crucial school information placed on the website will get flagged up to potential readers as being insecure"
Glenn Hervieux

Deprovision and Disable Chrome devices - Chrome for Work and Education Help - 22 views

    New feature that shows a message on the Chromebook screen when it's disabled (for stolen/missing Chromebooks). The Forced Re-Enrollment feature must be enabled for the device.
Roland Gesthuizen

Seven privacy settings you should change immediately in iOS 8 | ZDNet - 91 views

    "Before you sync your iCloud or reinstall your apps, you need to lock down your iPhone or iPad. Here are seven important tweaks (and more) you can set to bolster your privacy."
Clayton Mitchell

Information Security Program Assessment Tool | - 12 views

    This self-assessment tool was created to evaluate the maturity of higher education information security programs

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now - 130 views

    Don't miss reviewing this article. It reviews websites including banks, that may have been affected by Heartbleed.
Bochi 23

Google Tip of the Day #29 - Easily One of my Favorite Gmail Security Tips - 84 views

    Remotely log out of your gmail accounts.
Trevor Cunningham

Students Find Ways To Hack School-Issued iPads Within A Week : All Tech Considered : NPR - 68 views

  • "Children are growing up today [with] the iPad used as a device for entertainment. So when the iPad comes into the classroom, then there's a shift in everybody's thinking." And sometimes that shift is hard for everybody. Hobbs says this isn't the first time educators have tried to co-opt things that lots of people use for fun. "Back in the 1930s, there was a big initiative to use radio in education," says Hobbs. "It was the original distance education." But, Hobbs says, that all fizzled out. "Within a decade, we discovered that the commercial use of radio, for soap operas and music shows and game shows, actually eclipsed the educational use of radio. And the entertainment function is just so [dominant]. You can't compete," Hobbs says.
    • Trevor Cunningham
      This is so very true! Trying to engage students with what adults think are their trends bears terrible potential for perceptual error. A European study recently reported a decline in teen use of Facebook as parents and schools were beginning to get more and more involved. Engagement in learning is accomplished through meaningful experience. The context for which is unique to the learning outcomes and not necessarily what's trending.
Oscar Tapara

Statemnent:Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security - 21 views

    Dallas ISD's Job not covered by SS.SS
Roland Gesthuizen

Is Parents Access To Their Child's Facebook A Privacy Issue? | The Cyber Safety Lady - 7 views

  • In the best of circumstances, you hope that as a parent you and your children can talk fairly openly about any issues they are having, and that issues can be resolved within the family, without the need for any “spying”. In families that are NOT in crisis, ways of fostering trust are all about respect, and open conversations held in a safe environment.
    "There is to be a discussion amongst the Australian Attorney Generals about the privacy laws in regards to parents having legal access to their children's Facebook accounts .. Unfortunately if you need to force your way into your child's Facebook account to "Spy" on them it's probably because there is already a problem with trust and your child's safety is probably in question."
Steve Ransom

I need to set the record straight | Opine I will - 0 views

    Beware. Teachers are given less and less benefit of the doubt and increasingly treated with little dignity and respect.

Camp Trains Future Cybersecurity Experts - 0 views

    According to the Government Accountability Office, cyberattacks on federal agencies jumped more than 400 percent from 2006 to 2009. And U.S. security officials say the country's defenses aren't keeping up. By one estimate, the United States needs up to 30,000 cybersecurity specialists to protect the government and large corporations. Now there are only about 1,000.

Hacking lessons for teens reduce security threats | - 40 views

    Teaching students to see the big picture in computer science rather than just functionality of programming.
Janet McDonald

Protect your Privacy with Abine - 55 views

    This free app is GREAT! I've used it for a week and it has blocked almost 3000 sites from tracking me on the web.
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