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Deborah Baillesderr

FREE Remote Learning Workshop - 6 Doable Lessons - Minds in Bloom - 10 views

    If you are new to remote learning, these short tutorials will help you.
Thieme Hennis

Hack the City at Berlin Fablab & Betahaus - Hackidemia - 18 views

    What to do on a maker-workshop? Here some ideas for organizers. Make music with Makey Makey CNC cut marble track Program with Arduino Illustrate your dreams Build your own microscope and test the Berlin Water Quality A video game about the city's future development Grow roots and wings with Toywheel Furniture design with a laser cutter Dancing drones (a Dronenschwarm through a Web browser program) Robots upcycled A video game about the city's future development Kids have a dream Grow roots and wings with Toywheel
G Hubler

math640summer2010 - kdaniel2 - 1 views

    workshop model of instruction
Gaspare Lipari

7th-Grade-Readers-and-Writers-Workshop - home - 5 views

    Resources for teachers who teach a readers and writers workshop (Middle School)
Lauren Rosen

eLearning Tools Home - eLearning Tools - 69 views

    Site organized by application use, name, general reference, and so forth. A nice repository. Encourages outside people to add additional tools.

Believing in Tim Tebow - ESPN - 1 views

  • I've come to believe in Tim Tebow, but not for what he does on a football field, which is still three parts Dr. Jekyll and two parts Mr. Hyde.
BalancEd Tech

BalancEdTech - iPad Exploration - 189 views

    Engage to learn! Teachers, students and/or other users work individually, in small groups and as a whole group to explore the iPads interface, apps, books, pdfs, and audio/video content.
Jennifer Carey

Mr. D's Khan Academy - 138 views

    Great blog about flipping classrooms!
Susanna Livingston

Reading Strategy Songs - 131 views

    The Learning Pad has great resources for Primary teachers- reading, writing, math- especially if you use the Reader's and Writer's Workshop
Lee-Anne Patterson

Learning in Hand Blog by Tony Vincent - 0 views

    Please join me on Wednesday, April 29th for Picks from the App Store! This is the first in a series of free workshops for SIGHC members by SIGHC members. Even if you know nothing about SIGHC, you're still welcome join in. Here's the description of the online workshop:
Maggie Tsai

FL08 - 21st Century Researching with Diigo - PETE&C 2009 - 0 views

  • Program Description: Learn how to harness the powerful research tools and knowledge-sharing community of Diigo to take your students’ researching capabilities into the 21st century. Through the new Teacher Console and educational accounts your students can safely access the bookmarking and annotation features of Diigo and can collaborate through secure class groups.
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