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Matt Renwick

From Idea to Iteration: Honoring the Process of Learning #IPDX16 - Reading By Example - 33 views

    When is an idea more than just an idea? When it's presented to a wider audience for review, criticism, and possible improvement.
A Gardner

Content Idea Generator - Portent - 39 views

    Irreverent blog title/idea generator based key word

YouTube - ‪How brilliant and innovative !I just love this idea !!‬‏ - 81 views

    Stairs or escalator? Here's how making something fun helped people decide to take the stairs.
Steve Ransom

Mystery Skype - Who Could it Be? | Mr. Avery's Classroom Blog - 110 views

    Great use of Skype and student roles in problem-solving!
Tamara Connors

Educational Leadership:Reading to Learn:Can't Get Kids to Read? Make It Social - 85 views

  • Can't Get Kids to Read? Make It Social William M. Ferriter
  • One great tool for creating social reading experiences is Diigo (, a free online application that allows users to add highlights and comments onscreen to any Web-based text. These comments can be seen by anyone using Diigo and are identified with the commenter's user name. Diigo also enables users to bookmark and "tag" with keywords any online articles that they find fascinating. Classes studying topics together can share their reading. Articles tagged by one user become instantly available to another, providing a source for continued study and ongoing conversations. The best news is that creating secure student accounts in Diigo is easy. Teachers can form a classroom group that enables students to see only the articles bookmarked and the annotations shared by their teachers and peers—instead of the comments of the entire Diigo community.
  • ttp://
    Explains how Diigo is used in the classroom to make solitary text-based reading social.
Steve Ransom

ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan: Naming in a Digital World: Creating a Safe Persona on the ... - 52 views

    In this lesson, students explore naming conventions in digital and non-digital settings then choose and explain specific names and profiles to represent themselves online.
Steve Ransom

ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan: Texting a Response to Lord of the Flies - 19 views

    Students engage in a review of Lord of the Flies by looking at various ways the boys used communication while stranded on the island.
Russ Goerend

Every teacher should participate in commencement - HOPE Foundation - 0 views

    I love this idea!
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