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The Plot Against Public Education - Bob Herbert - POLITICO Magazine - 57 views

    More on how the money of billionaires is changing American education.

Bill Gates wants your kids to learn history this way - and he's paying to get it into s... - 82 views

  • Gates told the Times article’s author, Andrew Ross Sorkin, that after he watched it:  “I just loved it. It was very clarifying for me. I thought, ‘God, everybody should watch this thing!’”
  • And there you have it. Bill Gates likes something; Bill Gates pays to get it into schools. It may be a good idea. It may be a bad idea. It doesn’t matter, because Gates has the money and clout to inject it into wherever he wants to inject it.
    Don't dismiss Big History Project! The article, given another angle, could have illuminated the team behind the project, the teachers in the project, and the quality of the resources. Do give it a look.
Brandie Hayes

5 Ideas That Could Have Prevented Flooding in New York - Emily Badger - The Atlantic Ci... - 20 views

  • mitigate
  • Wave Attenuators.
  • played a critical role in stabilizing the shoreline
    Article that describes 5 flood prevention ideas. Each idea includes a visual to aid in understanding (a video, photograph, map or visualization)

The Next Gates Thing | EduShyster - 1 views

     Edushyster --Provocative site worth watching. Here the site critiques Bill Gates idea about funding cameras in public school classrooms to help evaluate  and improve teacher processes.  Describes this projected $5 billion investment as "rise of the edu-drones."
Tracy Tuten

Khan Academy: The future of education? - CBS News - 1 views

    Discussion of Khan Academy with links to Khan's videos
Christine Dailey

What Do Teachers Want? - Bridging Differences - Education Week - 56 views

    The goal of the survey "is to place teachers' voices at the center of the conversation on education reform by sharing their thoughts and opinions with the public, the media, and education leaders." Is anyone listening?
Maureen Greenbaum

Bill Gates - How teacher development could revolutionize our schools - 80 views

    • Maureen Greenbaum
      Eager to learn from the best - this is the key phase Sharing- collaborating - share your syllabus- share your assignments- share our wuizzes - then we will all have more time for the students.
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