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Matt Renwick

Common Core is a step forward in education - 17 views

  • Common Core is a step in that direction, and in many ways it is a necessary condition for any number of education reforms. Don't fall for cheap conspiracies. It's a major step forward.
    Common Core is arbitrary and untested. Standards are fine, but need to have some basis in research, not just because the have financial support from rich people and corporations who think they know what's best for all.

We Can't Give Teachers Time for Learning, or Can We? - Learning Forward's PD Watch - Ed... - 45 views

    Time for PD for teachers
    We need to rethink the current timetabling in our schools. Do we need a lesson each day for planing, Assessment and preparation or should we timetable teachers out for the whole day (or most of it) to study or collaborate with colleagues? I love the thought of thinking outside the square and providing true opportunity for productivity.
Jennie Snyder

Moving Forward - 65 views

  • So with all of this confusion, many ask why it is hard for people to accept change.  
  •  The problem with this is that people are more comfortable with what they know and have experienced, as opposed to what “could be”.  The other issue here is that if we cannot clearly articulate examples of powerful learning, why would anyone buy “change” in the first place?
  • It is clear to the world that something just isn’t working with institutional education and most people say that we need to CHANGE institutional education. But to the educators of the world, I am here today to say that I disagree. You don’t need to change anything,  you simply need to understand that the world is changing, and if you don’t change with it, the world will decide that it doesn’t need you anymore.
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  • New is nice, but ONLY if it is better.  
  • Leaders need to continuously articulate why a new initiative has made its way into schools, and should be ready to answer the tough questions.
  • if we really want to push education forward, different groups are really going to have to start coming together and putting plans into action.  This doesn’t make me “anti” anything, but I am definitely “pro-kids”.  That is what this is all about.
    Great piece on educational jargon and the need for specificity in focusing our change efforts to move forward.
Mark Gleeson

Professor John Hattie Pressing Education's Fast Forward | Royal Reports - 1 views

    "What a kid needs is not more… he needs different," says Dr. John Hattie. At the time, Hattie was talking about student retention, but his words make sense in many areas of education, including education technology.
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