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Niels Groen

Perspectives on a true UX tool - Human, Business, Shape - Medium - 15 views

  • To define a UX tool one must first define UX. [ .. ] UX is a result of aesthetics (design), interactions (animations + mechanics), communication (content copy) and performance (digital + cognitive).
Donny Corkern - 60 views

shared by Donny Corkern on 10 Dec 14 - No Cached
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Deborah Baillesderr

TitanPad: Easy Classroom Management and a Powerful Learning Environment in One iPad Tool - 92 views

    Just watched a webinar on OTUS Moblile Learning Environment and I just might have to start using this instead of Edmodo. Here are some tutorials on how it works

Free Technology for Teachers: Socratic Smackdown - A Game for Learning and Practicing D... - 130 views

  • forty students
    • pkrason
      I tried mine with a class of 30, and it worked out very well.  I chose to prepare the room in a typical Socratic Seminar fashion with chairs aligned in two concentric circles.  
  • text-based question
    • pkrason
      Essential Questions throughout the chapter work well for this purpose.
  • debate a question
    • pkrason
      We debated whether or not Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi was a successful leader.  We also built a discussion off of analyzing Medieval and Renaissance artwork.  
    • pkrason
    Socratic Smackdown is a fun discussion-based game to encourage students to formulate arguments and argue these points referencing textual evidence.
Dimitris Tzouris

Tackk in the Classroom - 61 views

    Easy tool to use with many features.
A Gardner

Free Technology for Teachers: ShareDrop Offers Any Easy Way to Transfer Files Between D... - 93 views

    ShareDrop Offers Any Easy Way to Transfer Files Between Devices @rmbyrne
    ShareDrop Offers Any Easy Way to Transfer Files Between Devices @rmbyrne
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