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Ryan Kinnett - Proficiency Based Gradebook Solutions - 96 views

  • was created by a teacher who was excited about the idea of proficiency based grading, but was overwhelmed by the paperwork. is in the beta stage of development. If you'd like to try our gradebook for free please create an account by clicking here: Create Account
    This is a fantastic online gradebook that is proficiency and standards based.  You can select your standards from your State's Dept of Education and attach tasks or assignments to the standards you have selected.  The developer of this program calls it a work in progress, but it has come a long way.  Please feel free to send comments and suggestions to him.
Wayne Holly

JumpRope - A Free Online Gradebook for Teachers - 63 views

    JumpRope is a new service offering teachers a free standards-based gradebook.
Alias Librarian

Chrome Extension - Gradebook Split | Teacher Tech - 65 views

    Allows for side by side windows which really help when grading.
Mary Glackin - 36 views

    wonderfully complete explanation of Moodle v2 Gradebook from Cal State Northridge
Mary Glackin » The Ultimate Google Gradebook (with Individual Score Rep... - 64 views

    Use Google Drive to create a grade book, using your favorite spreadsheet grading rubric and a script contained here that will let your students see their individual grade reports via their Gmail login.
Michelle Kassorla

Engrade - 1 views

    This is an excellent, well used, stable, secure grading program that is FREE. It includes some bells and whistles: Attendance, Weighted Assignments, Integrated Quiz and Discussion, Messaging, Wikis, Flashcards, and Calendar. The gradebook can be easily exported to Excel to upload into Banner, etc. It is available on multiple-platforms via app and web. My students take their quizzes on their phone, iPad, laptop. The perfect BYOD grading program. For School Systems, they offer a paid service where administrators and parents can see the gradebook.
Benjamin Light

Free Gradebook for Teachers | LearnBoost - 6 views

    • Benjamin Light
      Looks to be a great resource for teachers and schools alike.  Got to love these key terms: Common Core Aligned and Free!
Glenn Hervieux

iGradePlus - Free Online Gradebook - 46 views

    Looks promising as a no-cost, low-cost solution for teachers. The $10/year version allows for a student/teacher web portal. 
Alias Librarian

Google Classroom: Let's Make the Grade | Teacher Tech - 55 views

    Alice Keeler gives a step by step guide to grading in Google Classroom -- plus how to export grades to your gradebook.
Martin Burrett

JumpRope - 47 views

    This site is an online grade book and course designer with advance analysis tools to keep your students moving forwards.
Amy Roediger

iDoceo for paperless recordkeeping for the iPad - 20 views

    A grade book, planner, diary, schedule and resource manager all in one app. Its spreadsheet engine will calculate averages as you input your assessment data. You can insert and edit any kind of information for a class, student and semester visually, no more boring spreadsheets. Scroll, expand, filter, export, import and view your information at any time. No internet connection is required. iDoceo will work with any kind of grading system, you can even create your own. You will not miss you old paper grade book again.

Education App: iDoceo for iPad | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Education Comm... - 3 views

    Throw away the paper, and use this iPad app instead to keep track of your pupils progress...
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