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Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming app - SpiderScribe - 38 views

    Site for mind mapping and brainstorming organization.

Organisational Learning - The Learner's Way - 2 views

  • Certain conditions are critical for the establishment and success of a learning organisation and there are parallels here to the practices of effective pedagogy in an inquiry based learning environment. If our goal is to have every member of an organisation contribute to the learning that occurs then we must establish a culture that allows this to occur. Feelings of safety, acceptance of diversity and risk taking must become parts of the culture. In our classes we establish the conditions where our students feel safe sharing their ideas even when they do not conform with the majority. We establish a belief that there are often multiple correct answers and in doing so foster creativity. The same conditions are required in our learning organisations.  Nurturing a learning organisation is a little like nurturing a garden and Tim Brown echoes this sentiment ""It's about nurturing the conditions in which creativity is most likely to happen, That's really about culture, environment, rituals—the sorts of things that give people permission to explore, that encourage open-mindedness, collaboration, experimentation, and risk taking."
    For schools the concept of a learning organisation should make perfect sense, after all learning is our core business, or it should be. Perhaps that almost three decades after Peter Senge identified the importance of learning within organisations the idea is only now gaining traction in schools tells us something about the approach taken to learning and teaching within schools. With an increased focus on the development of professional learning communities as a response to the complex challenges that emerge from a rapidly changing society, it is worth looking at what a learning organisation requires for success.
Glenn Hervieux

11 Helpful Hints for Combining Google Drive With Symbaloo - 61 views

    Symbaloo is a great way to organize/share links, videos, docs, etc. History teacher, Travis Towne, has some ramped up ideas on how to use Symbaloo with Google Drive. There is a video and a list of his 11 great tips.
Hobbes W

Dealing with organizational hubris and humility - Jeffrey Braithwaite - 27 views

    "Maybe this ego-driven reporting of one's capabilities only happens among American college professors? Hardly. You do not have to stretch your observational powers too far to see that most of those at the helm of big companies, political parties, prestigious legal practices, or accounting and consulting groups have large doses of self-belief. It's only a small step to hubris."
Steve Ransom

DebateGraph - 53 views

    DebateGraph lets you explore and view individual debate and dialogue maps (and the graph of interrelated maps) through different types of bubble, box, tree and outline views that have complementary strengths, and that are accessed via the Views menu (above the map).
Glenn Hervieux

gClassFolders Helps You Organize Google Drive Files Shared by Your Students - 3 views

    gClassFolders is a tool that allows for management of all the files that students share with teachers and allows for sharing easily with students. The setup is straight forward and sets up three folders for students for a class - Edit, Preview(Read Only) and Dropbox to turn work in. If your school can't afford Hapara or you don't want to spend lots of time setting up folders, this may be the tool for you.
Donna Albertson

Planboard - Lesson planning made easy for teachers and educators - 7 views

    "Planboard helps you easily plan and view your academic year. It's quick and easy to add items for each class. Need a synopsis on weekly schedules? Just hit the week button. Have a lot on your plate? An overview of your day is just a click away."
Tonya Thomas

SALT - 24 views

    Society for Applied Learning Technology® is oriented to professionals whose work requires knowledge and communication in the field of instructional technology. It is a professional society, designed for individual membership participation with classes of membership keyed to the interest and experience of the individual.
Steve Gall

Keemix - Gather. Mix. Inspire. - 6 views

    Web curation with a magazine look.
Carol Mortensen

Symbaloo-The Fun Continues - 7 views

    Symbaloo has grown to become one of my most used tools. I am continuously blown away by its capabilities. My daughters and my husband are all now avid Symbaloo users. We've explored the Symbaloo main function as well as its Firefox Add-on that makes adding bookmarks to Symbaloo very easy but now it is time for us to explore the Social Media component to Symbaloo.
Judy Arzt

Four Ways to Use Pinterest in the Classroom - 228 views

    Resources about using Pinterest for educational uses are exploding. Here is another resources to check for ideas.
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