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Jac Londe

Chrome Experiments - Experiments - 60 views

    Some times some brilliant peaple invents
    new manners to see the world and make us understand more easily
    abstracts concepts.
robert morris

Semi-automatic method for grading a million homework assignments - O'Reilly Radar - 32 views

    The above figure is the landscape of ~40,000 student submissions to the same programming assignment on Coursera's Machine Learning course. Nodes represent submissions and edges are drawn between syntactically similar submissions. Colors correspond to performance on a battery of unit tests (with red submissions passing all unit tests). In particular, clusters of similarly colored nodes correspond to multiple similar implementations that behaved in the same way (under unit tests).
Randolph Hollingsworth

Big Data 101: Colleges are hoping predictive analytics can fix their dismal graduation ... - 11 views

    by Libby Nelson on July 14, 2014
Sharin Tebo

Educational Leadership:How Teachers Learn:Fostering Reflection - 26 views

  • Expert teachers adjust their thinking to accommodate the level of reflection a situation calls for.
  • Another way to help teachers become better at reflection is to create study groups that introduce teachers to these four modes of thinking and explore which aspects of teaching call for each mode. Discussions and role-plays can help teachers see which routine decisions can be made through technological or situational thinking and which may require the deliberate or dialectical modes. I
  • Finally, to foster higher levels of reflection, encourage teachers to ask themselves questions about their classroom practice. Prompts like the following promote frequent reflection:

    • What worked in this lesson? How do I know?
    • What would I do the same or differently if I could reteach this lesson? Why?
    • What root cause might be prompting or perpetuating this student behavior?
    • What do I believe about how students learn? How does this belief influence my instruction?
    • What data do I need to make an informed decision about this problem?
    • Is this the most efficient way to accomplish this task?

Ross Davis

Digital Student Portfolios: A Whole-School Approach | MiddleWeb - 73 views

    The particular software and services used to create these portfolios is a subject of some interest, to be sure, but it is secondary to the "big idea" itself: compiling a dynamic collection of information from many sources, in many forms and with many purposes, all aimed at presenting the most complete story possible of a student's learning experience.
Matt Renwick

Data is… | Reading By Example - 47 views

    Data is more than just numbers.

plotly - 94 views

    "Plotly is a collaborative data analysis and graphing tool."
S Berrend

Population Pyramids of the Whole World from 1950 to 2100 - - 96 views

    This site i creepy/wonderful as it shows population pyramids shifting form country to country. Very quick way to discover different 'shapes' for growth patterns.
Thieme Hennis

MyPISA - Home - 16 views

    PISA data. Freely available statistics on education

    Welcome to MyPISA, ACER's official website for the management and implementation of the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

    This website consists of publicly accessible web-pages that you see right now, and secure pages designed for the exclusive use of those people directly involved with the implementation of PISA."

Quandl for Academics - Quandl - 31 views

    Quandl is a repository of time-series data on the internet, tailored for researchers, students and other data professionals.

    Quandl allows you to:
    Quickly find numerical data
    Get that data in many formats
    transparency to the source of the data

    Quandl is open and free
Roland Gesthuizen

A Teacher's Plea to Bill and Melinda Gates | Diane Ravitch's blog - 54 views

    "This teacher hopes that Bill and Melinda read this comment:"
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