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plotly - 94 views

    "Plotly is a collaborative data analysis and graphing tool."
S Berrend

Population Pyramids of the Whole World from 1950 to 2100 - - 96 views

    This site i creepy/wonderful as it shows population pyramids shifting form country to country. Very quick way to discover different 'shapes' for growth patterns.
Thieme Hennis

MyPISA - Home - 16 views

    PISA data. Freely available statistics on education

    Welcome to MyPISA, ACER's official website for the management and implementation of the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

    This website consists of publicly accessible web-pages that you see right now, and secure pages designed for the exclusive use of those people directly involved with the implementation of PISA."

Quandl for Academics - Quandl - 30 views

    Quandl is a repository of time-series data on the internet, tailored for researchers, students and other data professionals.

    Quandl allows you to:
    Quickly find numerical data
    Get that data in many formats
    transparency to the source of the data

    Quandl is open and free
Roland Gesthuizen

A Teacher's Plea to Bill and Melinda Gates | Diane Ravitch's blog - 54 views

    "This teacher hopes that Bill and Melinda read this comment:"

Quandl - Find, Use and Share Numerical Data - 51 views

    Hi Professor Neustadtl,

    I have developed a repository for sociology data tailored for researchers, and especially students.  The site is open and free, and has over 3 million social, financial, and economic time series datasets available for downloading.  Importantly, the ease by which a user can find, trim, transform, merge, and download time series data from is in my opinion, unmatched elsewhere.

    My hope is that you will visit the site briefly, and perhaps offer me some feedback.  More information about the service is below. I've also included my LinkedIN profile should you be weary of my intentions with this email.

    with thanks,

    Tammer Kamel
Jac Londe

Maps Engine Lite - 46 views

  • Welcome to Maps Engine Lite!

    Create powerful custom maps

    Draw  Import Organize Style your Google Maps.
    Great tool for organising a trip with students
    and let them collaborate and learning new skills.
Jac Londe

Google Correlate - 122 views

    A new experimental learning tool.
    With Google Correlate, you enter a data series (the target) and get back queries whose frequency follows a similar pattern.
Donal O' Mahony

The Dark Side of Numbers… | eLearning Island - 31 views

    Some thoughts I have on data and the implications about how it might be used against us or the students we teach. This is not a negative piece - it is simply awareness-raising!
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Find the Data - Easily Discover and compare information - 4 views

    An excellent resource to find and compare statistical data. Very useful for research.
Amy Roediger

Class Charts - seating plans and behavior management - 158 views

    This is a superb classroom management tool where you can track the behaviour of your class and keep them motivated. Simply click on the child and assign them a positive or negative behaviour point. You can also track their reading and spelling ages and make your own customised data set. Use this information to help you arrange the children within your class. You can have multiple classes on your teacher's account and you can share data with colleagues using different accounts. The data is encrypted to ensure data security. The system works on the majority of web enabled devices.
    With Class Charts you get data rich seating charts and streamlined behaviour management. You can even collaborate with other teachers and work as a team to tackle behaviour.
Steve Ransom

Trends in Bullying and Peer Victimization - 1 views

    "In this bulletin, we will summarize the trends, from youth sur‐ veys that have tracked bullying specifically, and also those that have tracked closely related phenomena such as school assaults, school thefts, school fighting and school hate speech."
Michelle Kassorla

Circos - 126 views

    This is a wonderful data visualization tool. It creates circular visuals that look like art. Beautiful.
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