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Warren Apel

Why can't parents sign up for teacher conferences electronically? - 46 views

    Article about online parent-teacher conference registration.

Typeform - 32 views

    Surveys & forms that include pics, seems prettier and slicker than Google Forms.
Matt Renwick

Why Cliques Form at Some High Schools and Not Others - The Atlantic - 37 views

  • Schools that grouped students by academics and created other ways to force kids with different backgrounds to cooperate (whether in clubs or on sports teams) were less ruled by segregation and hierarchy.
  • how organizations shape our behavior
  • People are social animals, but we’re also creatures of our environment. Our habitats shape our habits.
Wayne Holly

Google Form Notifications | Practical Ed Tech - 45 views

    Creating and publishing a Google Form is a great way to collect information from students and their parents. A couple of popular ways to use forms is as quizzes for students and as sign-up sheets for parent-volunteers for school events. If the form that you create is going to be online for a while, consider using Form Notifications to receive email updates about form submissions. 
Roland Gesthuizen

Behaviour reflections - Resources - TES - 13 views

    "Behaviour reflections form based on form seen on, but just updated in UK English spellings. May be useful to record a meeting with parents before a behaviour IEP is put into place."
Roland Gesthuizen

CV Template - Write A CV In Minutes - 89 views

    "Build a CV online in minutes Choice of CV template designs Save as Word, PDF, or plain text Packed full of examples Action words and phrases for CVs"
Roland Gesthuizen - 66 views

    "If you are tardy you must sign this form or you will be marked absent. If you have a note, please attach it to this clipboard."

Hydrogen vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 13 views

    • dpurdy
      Is hydrogen sustainable? depends on the source. see this highlight.
  • While methods of hydrogen production that do not use fossil fuel would be more sustainable
  • The challenges facing the use of hydrogen in vehicles include production, storage, transport and distribution.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • The hydrogen infrastructure consists mainly of industrial hydrogen pipeline transport and hydrogen-equipped filling stations like those found on a hydrogen highway. Hydrogen stations which are not situated near a hydrogen pipeline can obtain supply via hydrogen tanks, compressed hydrogen tube trailers, liquid hydrogen tank trucks or dedicated onsite production.
  • Hydrogen use would require the alteration of industry and transport on a scale never seen before in history. For example, according to GM, 70% of the U.S. population lives near a hydrogen-generating facility but has little access to hydrogen, despite its wide availability for commercial use.[64] The distribution of hydrogen fuel for vehicles throughout the U.S. would require new hydrogen stations that would cost, by some estimates approximately 20 billion dollars[65] and 4.6 billion in the EU.[66] Other estimates place the cost as high as half trillion dollars in the United States alone.[67]
  • Hydrogen fuel does not occur naturally on Earth and thus is not an energy source, but is an energy carrier. Currently it is most frequently made from methane or other fossil fuels. However, it can be produced from a wide range of sources (such as wind, solar, or nuclear) that are intermittent, too diffuse or too cumbersome to directly propel vehicles. Integrated wind-to-hydrogen plants, using electrolysis of water, are exploring technologies to deliver costs low enough, and quantities great enough, to compete with traditional energy sources.[2]
    Fuel cell cars are expensive.  The fuel cell costs a lot
Stacy Olson

Fill Any PDF Form - 140 views

shared by Stacy Olson on 26 Feb 10 - Cached
    Upload pdfs and other documents and fill them out electronically - even if they originally don't have field to fill in - Free!
Peter Beens

shannon smith » Blog Archive » Report Card Day - 16 views

    This teacher ( blogged about her experience of getting the students to evaluate her. She used Google Forms to collect the data. Simple. Effective. Inspirational.
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