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AnnMarie Furbur

Fotopedia - 2 views

    photo encyclopedia
Martin Burrett

HistoryWorld - 116 views

    A comprehensive history site with entries from all over the world and most big events since the big bang. Some content is not suitable for young children.
Martin Burrett

Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia - 79 views

    A great child-friend encyclopedia with thousands of entries.
Doug Brunner

Kidipede - History for Kids - Homework Help for Middle School Social Studies - 133 views

    A good general history site covering ancient civilisations from across the world.
Carol Ansel

The Daring Librarian: Wikipedia is not wicked! - The Answer Sheet - The Washington Post - 70 views

  • Teaching Wikipedia in 5 Easy Steps:

    *Use it as background information

    *Use it for technology terms

    *Use it for current pop cultural literacy

    *Use it for the Keywords

    *Use it for the REFERENCES at the bottom of the page!

    • 4 ways to use Wikipedia (hint: never cite it)

      Teachers: Please stop prohibiting the use of Wikipedia

      20 Little Known Ways to Use Wikipedia

      Study: Wikipedia as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica

      Schiff, Stacy. “Know it all: Can Wikipedia conquer expertise?” The New Yorker, February 26, 2006


      Yes students, there’s a world beyond Wikipedia

      **Several years ago, Nature magazine did a comparison of material available on Wikipedia and Brittanica and concluded that Brittanica was somewhat, but not overwhelmingly, more accurate than Wikipedia. Brittanica lodged a complaint, and here, you can see what it complained about as well as Nature’s response.

      Nature compared articles from both organizations on various topics and sent them to experts to review. Per article, the averages were: 2.92 mistakes per article for Britannica and 3.86 for Wikipedia.


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