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Martin Leicht

How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results - WSJ - 17 views

  • a shift from its founding philosophy of “organizing the world’s information,” to one that is far more active in deciding how that information should appear.
  • Google keeps blacklists to remove certain sites or prevent others from surfacing in certain types of results. These moves are separate from those that block sites as required by U.S. or foreign law,
  • Far from being autonomous computer programs oblivious to outside pressure, Google’s algorithms are subject to regular tinkering from executives and engineers who are trying to deliver relevant search results, while also pleasing a wide variety of powerful interests and driving its parent company’s more than $30 billion in annual profit.
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  • Google made more than 3,200 changes to its algorithms in 2018, up from more than 2,400 in 2017 and from about 500 in 2010
  • testing showed wide discrepancies in how Google handled auto-complete queries and some of what Google calls organic search results
    • Martin Leicht
      Alternatives - Microsoft's BING - DuckDuckGo and Yahoo. check them out when you get time
  • Google said 15% of queries today are for words, or combinations of words, that the company has never seen before, putting more demands on engineers to make sure the algorithms deliver useful results.
    • Martin Leicht
      How do you connect your post/content to future searches? Tagging only gets you so far. Thus, Google "tinkers" with the algorithm to product "the best" results. Interesting & concerning!
  • ALGORITHMS ARE effectively recipes in code form, providing step-by-step instructions for how computers should solve certain problems. They drive not just the internet, but the apps that populate phones and tablets.
    • Martin Leicht
      Yet, we never (almost never) eat the same thing (recipe) twice in a day. We indulge ourselves with comfort food, yes. And we seek out new taste sensations.
Martin Burrett

Books: Time to…by Penny Tassoni, via @BloomsburyEd - 3 views

    "The series uses simple, positive language and gorgeous full-colour illustrations to teach children aged 0-5 important personal and social skills. From making friends and sharing, to eating and tidying up, this series will help explore positive behaviour with children in a fun and friendly way."
Nigel Coutts

Contemplating questions of work life balance - The Learner's Way - 16 views

    Oddly lately I have been pondering how schools responds to the question of a work life balance. Let me try to explain my thinking. I am still trying to clarify my thinking here, so please bear with me. What does it mean to achieve work life balance, and should we want to?
Martin Burrett

How important are children's life experiences? by @musingsofmrb - 16 views

    As much as possible my wife and I try  and engage our children in as many different activities as we can; whether it be rock pooling on South Wales beaches in the rain, feeding the animals at a local farm or watching the fantastic Balloon display at Bristol Balloon Fiesta...
Steve Ransom

Peter T. Coleman, PhD: The Consequences of Our Games - 2 views

    A great piece worth the time to reflect on. Mindfulness needs to be practiced frequently.

Education Is My Life | Use Instagram for Education with #Edugram - 24 views

    Instagram with #edugram
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Life Organizers - Solutions to many of life's problems - 8 views

    Solutions to many of life's problems including homework and time management.
Mark Gleeson

Values for Life - 49 views

    Incursions to support values education
Martin Burrett

Life - Interactive Tree of Life - 113 views

    An interactive 'Tree of life' resource from the Open University.
Martin Burrett

Science | Interact with Your World - 1 views

    Watch great science animations and other resource which have been especially designed for children.
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