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Barbara Moose

Author: 'iGeneration' requires a different approach to instruction | - 62 views

    Today's middle and high school students learn much differently from students just a few years older-and that's mainly because they've never known a world without the internet or cell phones, says psychology professor and author Larry D. Rosen, whose research could give educators valuable insights into the needs of today's learners.

The best of eSN.TV from 2010 | Top News | - 21 views

  • eSchool News picks the top 5 videos of 2010 from eSN.TV
Mark Trerotola

The web means the end of forgetting | Around the Web | - 38 views

    The digital age is facing its first existential crisis: the impossibility of erasing your posted past and moving on. Be careful what you post.
ron houtman

One-to-one computing programs only as effective as their teachers | - 67 views

  • Not surprisingly, the researchers say the most important factor of all is the teaching practices of instructors—suggesting school laptop programs are only as effective as the teachers who apply them.
    • ron houtman
      I wish more schools would value staff professional development before they launch 1:1 programs. PD is the number one success factor and little to no PD is done to make sure teachers are successful.
tom campbell

New projectors make any wall an interactive whiteboard | - 68 views

    is this as cool as it seems?
Tim McGee

eSN Special Report: Convergent Education | - 19 views

    • Tim McGee
      Students were never limited to learning only in classrooms.
    • Tim McGee
      Multitasking, aka, doing several things poorly at once.
Ed Webb

Will $99 Moby tablet swim or sink? | - 35 views

  • In Turkey we are about to start 1 to 1 netbook for 15.000.000 students with $ 7 per month installments for 36 months through credit cards. I knew technology would change until we complete to provide 15.000.000 netbooks. So I will write to Marvel. We can finance them, we can buy the first 1.000.000 netbooks at $ 120 per piece. I hope quality and functions are as they say . Hurra, education complainers. It is time to go online courses for 60 million USA K12 students. You have no excuse now.
  • We have dealt with Tablet PC before in one of our Smart School initiatives here in Malaysian and I must say the Moby Tablet is quite impressive.
Dimitris Tzouris

Creating the 21st-century classroom | Educator Resource Centers | - 55 views

    "Creating the 21st-century classroom"
Dallas McPheeters

Nearly 1 in 4 fails military exam | Around the Web | - 27 views

  • 23 percent of recent high school graduates don’t get the minimum score needed on the enlistment test to join any branch of the military
    Interesting report portends a bleak trend?
Jim Connolly

Obama to push for new ed-tech agency | Featured Funding News | - 44 views

    Another federal agency with powers of the purse over education. Yeah, that's what we need.
    The very next entry in Diigo, (after this one about a new ed-tech agency) was an article about Victoria, Australia providing iPads for every student. Some of the classrooms in my school haven't even a single computer for the 27 students to use. Somebody needs to provide the leadership to help the U.S. keep up with the rest of the world. If it is a fed agency, so be it. Iit's better than what we have now (at least in my state) which is nothing.
Jim Connolly

Viewpoint: Why education is not like business | Featured on eSchool News | - 59 views

    Very clear explanation as to why schools- and other government services- shouldn't be run like businesses.
Jennifer Carey

Ten common myths about teaching | Superintendent's Center | - 117 views

    Great summary of cliched myths about teachers.

NRC proposes overhaul of K-12 science | Featured Site of the Week | - 25 views

    NRC proposes overhaul of K-12 science

Next for education: Teacher avatars | Technologies | - 113 views

  • Next for education: Teacher avatarsTechnology creates lifelike images of educators, complete with knowledge base for student interaction
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