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A Call to Conscience: The Landmark Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. | The Martin Lut... - 4 views

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      Talerne er digitaliseret, og kan findes nederst på siden
    "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is known for being one of the greatest orators of the twentieth century, and perhaps in all of American history. In the 1950s and 1960s, his words led the Civil Rights Movement and helped change society. He is best known for helping achieve civil equality for African Americans, but these speeches--selected because they were each presented at a turning point in the Civil Rights Movement--show that his true goal was much larger than that: He hoped to achieve acceptance for all people, regardless of race or nationality. This companion volume to A Knock at Midnight features the landmark speeches of his career, including: "I Have a Dream"; his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize; his eulogy for the young victims of the Birmingham church bombing; and "I've Been to the Mountaintop," the last speech he gave before his death."
Roland Gesthuizen

Henry A. Giroux | When Schools Become Dead Zones of the Imagination: A Critical Pedagog... - 1 views

    "If the right-wing billionaires and apostles of corporate power have their way, public schools will become "dead zones of the imagination," reduced to anti-public spaces that wage an assault on critical thinking, civic literacy and historical memory. Since the 1980s, schools have increasingly become testing hubs that de-skill teachers and disempower students."
Garth Holman

Introduction :: European History - 71 views

    A digital history reader.  Modern European and USA history. Cool resource for upper level history classes.   
Roland Gesthuizen

Can We Prevent An Education Bubble? - Forbes - 45 views

    • Roland Gesthuizen
      Delivering quality education is more than about lowering costs. Any teacher that can be entirely replaced by a video or a computer, probably should be.
    "Many media have finally recognized the education bubble and the potential that it may hurt our economy more than the housing bubble. However, two experts in the field of education know this and are trying to change the way we see education - Dr. Raymund Paredes and Salman Khan."
Roland Gesthuizen

Apple, iPhone and iPad News | ModMyi - San Diego Invests in 26,000 iPads for School Dis... - 43 views

  • The more engaging the content is, the more the students want to be in there; They want to be reading, they want to be learning
    "The iPad revolution in academia isn't coming. It's already here .. The school district in question has just purchased 26,000 iPads, each of which will be distributed to students in the classroom beginning at the end of this summer as the new school year begins. Although San Diego isn't the first place where this sort of thing has been done, it's never been done bigger anywhere else."
Roland Gesthuizen

Ravitch: No Child Left Behind and the damage done - The Answer Sheet - The Washington Post - 59 views

  • with the active support of the Obama administration, the NCLB wrecking ball has become a means of promoting privatization and community fragmentation
  • NCLB cannot be fixed. It has failed. It has imposed a sterile and mean-spirited regime on the schools. It represents the dead hand of conformity and regulation from afar. It is time to abandon the status quo of test-based accountability and seek fresh and innovative thinking to support and strengthen our nation's schools.
    "This was written by education historian Diane Ravitch for her Bridging Differences blog, which she co-authors with Deborah Meier on the Education Week website. Ravitch and Meier exchange letters about what matters most in education. Ravitch, a research professor at New York University, is the author of the bestselling "The Death and Life of the Great American School System," an important critique of the flaws in the modern school reform movement that she just updated."
Peter Beens

Dusty World: The Mediocrity Virus - 22 views

    ...The coach in me suggests that if your team is performing well, you keep doing what you're doing.  Certainly you tweak it here or there, but when you turn in a world class performance, you don't bring in a coach from a team that didn't even make the show to give suggestions, but we did, because we're Canadian, and the one thing we have even more than an awesome education system is a giant inferiority complex with our big cousins to the south.
Ed Webb

Will $99 Moby tablet swim or sink? | - 35 views

  • In Turkey we are about to start 1 to 1 netbook for 15.000.000 students with $ 7 per month installments for 36 months through credit cards. I knew technology would change until we complete to provide 15.000.000 netbooks. So I will write to Marvel. We can finance them, we can buy the first 1.000.000 netbooks at $ 120 per piece. I hope quality and functions are as they say . Hurra, education complainers. It is time to go online courses for 60 million USA K12 students. You have no excuse now.
  • We have dealt with Tablet PC before in one of our Smart School initiatives here in Malaysian and I must say the Moby Tablet is quite impressive.
Don Benn

Douwe Osinga's Projects: Visited Countries - 28 views

    • Don Benn
      Great way for students to learn about one another. Find states that they have visited.
    • Don Benn
      would use this with students and have them post it in a blog entry as a great introduction to the new year. Even use as a math exercise for statistics.
  • Visited places is implemented for the following maps: The World The United States India Select in the table below the countries you have been to and click go.
Ed Webb

ED announces student video contest - 17 views

    To get students invested in their education, President Barack Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan have announced a new video contest
Sheryl A. McCoy

The brutal truth about America's healthcare - Americas, World - The Indepen... - 0 views

    in Los Angeles at the music arena that has been turned into a makeshift medical centre
Patrick Black

GreatMailRace - home - 0 views

    A great way to connect to other classes. Fill out the questionairre and return to this classroom in Denmark!
Gail Braddock

Games - The States - The History Channel - 1 views

    Place that State
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