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Javier E

Obama's War on Inequality - The New York Times - 16 views

  • what can policy do to limit inequality? The answer is, it can operate on two fronts. It can engage in redistribution, taxing high incomes and aiding families with lower incomes. It can also engage in what is sometimes called “predistribution,” strengthening the bargaining power of lower-paid workers and limiting the opportunities for a handful of people to make giant sums.
  • We can see this in our own history. The middle-class society that baby boomers like me grew up in didn’t happen by accident; it was created by the New Deal, which engineered what economists call the “Great Compression,” a sharp reduction in income gaps.
  • Obamacare provides aid and subsidies mainly to lower-income working Americans, and it pays for that aid partly with higher taxes at the top. That makes it an important redistributionist policy — the biggest such policy since the 1960s.
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  • between those extra Obamacare taxes and the expiration of the high-end Bush tax cuts made possible by Mr. Obama’s re-election, the average federal tax rate on the top 1 percent has risen quite a lot. In fact, it’s roughly back to what it was in 1979, pre-Ronald Reagan, something nobody seems to know.
  • What about predistribution? Well, why is Mr. Trump, like everyone in the G.O.P., so eager to repeal financial reform? Because despite what you may have heard about its ineffectuality, Dodd-Frank actually has put a substantial crimp in the ability of Wall Street to make money hand over fist.
  • these medium-size steps put the lie to the pessimism and fatalism one hears all too often on this subject. No, America isn’t an oligarchy in which both parties reliably serve the interests of the economic elite.
  • Money talks on both sides of the aisle, but the influence of big donors hasn’t prevented the current president from doing a substantial amount to narrow income gaps — and he would have done much more if he’d faced less opposition in Congress.

Obama administration asks appeals court to toss decision that put brakes on immigration... - 2 views

  • 26 states sued in federal court and won a temporary injunction preventing the White House from mainstreaming more than 5 million illegal immigrants
  • Now the Obama administration is going over Hanen's head to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, demanding it overturn Hanen

After the Dust Settles: Does the Obama Zombie Matter? | text2cloud - 62 views

    If you're interested in working on whether or not images have power in the contemporary moment, following the (non) event of the reception of the poster depicting Obama as a Zombie is instructive. Images can still offend, but can they make anything happen?

Mischief Night: The Obama Zombie in Context | text2cloud - 0 views

    What does the circulation of the Obama Zombie image have to tell us about the role of education at the current moment? Reflections on the power of images when images are everywhere.
Steve Ransom

Our Future, Our Teachers: The Obama Administration's Plan for Teacher Education Reform ... - 102 views

    Some needed changes here, but rating program effectiveness on K12 student test scores is ludicrous!
Steve Ransom

Obama 'locked out' of White House - 1 views

    "news"? Is there nothing else of significance going on in the world? CNN (live) praised his ability to remain cool and think on his feet. If trying another door is a key presidential skill, we are indeed in trouble.
Jim Connolly

Obama to push for new ed-tech agency | Featured Funding News | - 44 views

    Another federal agency with powers of the purse over education. Yeah, that's what we need.
    The very next entry in Diigo, (after this one about a new ed-tech agency) was an article about Victoria, Australia providing iPads for every student. Some of the classrooms in my school haven't even a single computer for the 27 students to use. Somebody needs to provide the leadership to help the U.S. keep up with the rest of the world. If it is a fed agency, so be it. Iit's better than what we have now (at least in my state) which is nothing.

The Allure of Evil: Reflections on MLK Day 2011 | text2cloud - 26 views

    What role should the designation "evil" play in our understanding of world events?
Brian Mull

Obama announces teacher training initiative - - 50 views

    President Barack Obama announced a $250 million initiative Wednesday to train math and science teachers and help meet his goal of pushing America's students from the middle to the top of the pack in those subjects in the next decade.
Ed Webb

ED announces student video contest - 17 views

    To get students invested in their education, President Barack Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan have announced a new video contest
Ed Webb

Weblogg-ed » The Obama Speech - 0 views

  • I have read the President’s speech and I agree with his comments. I am a conservative republican and I did not find any problem with what the President will say in his speech to the students. There is no brainwashing or indoctrination in his comments. We have problems in our schools and that needs to change.
Peter Beens

Opportunity Lost « doug - off the record - 0 views

    The issue is around the speech that United States President Obama plans to make on education on September 8. Advance word is that the speech will contain an encouraging message to the youth of the United States to study hard and stay in school. A read here will indication how a speech became propaganda. The big issue here is that some school districts will allow students to watch the speech in school and some will ban it. As we get closer to September 8, expect the conversation to pick up and get even more brutal than it is now.
Ed Webb

Obama's Oxy professor reports: 'He still didn't agree about that grade' | L.A. Now | Lo... - 0 views

  • He urged other professors and teachers to “realize that in any class you could have a child, a young man or woman, who could do incredibly great things in the world. So teach as well as you can.”
Dean Mantz

grhartman's Bookmarks on Delicious - 0 views

    Here is a list of website resources for Presidential Inauguration via GHartman on Twitter.
Ed Webb

t r u t h o u t | Obama's Betrayal of Public Education? Arne Duncan and the Corporate M... - 0 views

shared by Ed Webb on 21 Dec 08 - Cached
  • Unless Duncan is willing to reinvent himself, the national agenda he will develop for education embodies and exacerbates these problems and, as such, it will leave a lot more kids behind than it helps.
    • Ed Webb
      Well, if the point is to help them, it doesn't look good. But if the point is to produce 'disciplined bodies' (so much Foucault in this piece) or productive citizens in a narrow sense, perhaps Arne is the man for the job. Seems likely higher ed will have to continue undoing the damage for the ones lucky enough to get there, if it's more of the corporate, test-driven model on offer.
Jonathan Decker

Top News - Ed tech central to Obama's recovery plan - 1 views

  • Ed tech central to Obama's recovery plan
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