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Martin Burrett

Session 315: Tips for dealing with disruptive pupils - 28 views

    "The discussion begun which participants talking about what they viewed as disruption. Most people agreed that swinging on chairs, being late and calling out were disruptive to learning (although many felt that the root causes needed to be identified and addressed), but there was genuine disagreement about pupil interaction and banter with some UKEdChatters saying this was an inappropriate distraction, while others said they enjoyed and welcome this, at least to a point."
Clint Heitz

Education Chats - Calendars - 35 views

    An excellent listing of many educational Twitter chats and when they happen in a Google Calendar format. Even lets you change time zones!
    Interactive calendars of education chat schedules for Twitter.
Martin Burrett

Vokle - 145 views

    Present a live, interactive webinar or presentation quickly and easily with this superb online tool. Setup is simple and you just share the url with your audience. The video is recorded so it can be watched again. Get your class presenting to other children/parents. You may even be able to persuade you head teacher to conduct a staff meeting virtually!
Doug Henry

Top 10 Free Online Tutoring Tools for 2012 | Edudemic - 194 views

    Free tools to help you interact with your student(s) sans the confines of the classroom.
Martin Burrett

Caffein - Video VoIP - 72 views

    A great video chatroom site. Just choose the name of your room and invite others by sharing the link. No sign up or download needed.
Martin Burrett

MuMu Player - 51 views

    This is an easy to use site for sharing music and podcast audio files and talk about them. The group can upload your files together. Share a link to invite into the room. Sadly, the rooms not password protected, but making the room name, and therefore the link suitable cryptic will make it unlikely anyone will stumble across it.
Martin Burrett

Loudtalks - 83 views

    An amazing download for PC and mobile devices allows users to communicate by 'push-to-talk' in a walkie-talkie style. A great resource for communicating on school trips, host a virtual meeting, or just getting teachers/students communicating across your school.
Martin Burrett

Tonguetide - 2 views

    Tonguetide is a social networking site for people looking to improve their foreign language skills. Find a language partner or use the site's learning tools to help you.,+Culture+&+International+Projects
Martin Burrett

MiceMeeting - 32 views

    A useful site that allow you to upload text files, images, PDFs, Microsoft Office and other files and view them in real time with other people on the web. Each user's mouse cursor can be seen on the viewer and you can communicate using the chat tool. No sing up or log in required and you share and gain access to the file with a url link.
Martin Burrett

Vyew - 57 views

    "Vyew allows you to meet and share content in real-time or anytime. Upload images, files, documents and videos into a room. Users can access and contribute at anytime.
    Why use Vyew?

    It's easy - no installations.
    It's compatible - PC, Mac, Linux, powerpoints, documents, images, videos, mp3's, flash files.
    It's FREE! - Our free version is free forever. Unlimited use with up to 10 people. What's the catch? It's ad supported.
    Conferencing features - whiteboarding, video conferencing, screen sharing, Voice-over-IP.
    Collaboration features - continuous rooms are always saved and always-on. Contextual discussion forums, voice-notes, track and log activity.

    Take A Tour
    Sign Up Free
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    Join a Meeting
    Learn More:

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    Enterprise Appliance

    What people are saying
    I've used other prohibitively expensive online meeting software and this beats their pants off in ease of use/price/features.
    -Joel, Vyew Customer

    Recent News/Articles

    New changes to Vyew (Aug 1, 2011)
    New changes to Vyew (May 10, 2011)
    Crafting a Clear Message (online presentations)
    Vyew featured in Google Chrome's Web Store
    Better (Online) Presentations in 5 Steps
    Vyew 4 - Open to the Public
    Vyew 4.0 Interface Overview

    real time visual collaboration
    A great site for collaborating online. Work on documents together in real time, video chat and share your screen with others are just a few features that make this a great site for tutoring, meetings and webinars.
Martin Burrett

Free Video Chat and Video Conferencing from ooVoo - 37 views

    Video chat with up to two other people for free at the same time with this great downloadable tool. You can same files and embed a video chat into a website.
Kalin Wilburn

Chatzy - Free Private Chat Rooms - 58 views

    • Kalin Wilburn
      Chatzy provides you the ability for your students to chat without having to download any software or register for an account. You can have collaborative group discussions without all the fuss.
    • Christine Randall
      A student (or more than one) could be assigned to be the notetaker for the day. Each day the notetaker changes. The rest of the students can view the notes as a homework assignment. This would mean students could be active participants in the classroom without the worry of taking notes
Liz Peters

Twiducate - Social Networking & Media For Schools :: Education 2.0 - 116 views

      •  Are you a teacher? Sign up now. It's free!

          As a teacher you create a network for you and your students.
        • Share inspiration, ideas, readings, thoughts
        • Post discussions, deadlines, homework
        • Embed pictures, links and video
        • Keep parent
    • Adam DeWitt
    Twitter-like website for educators and children to use as a class or school. Embed text, images, videos, links and even Google Docs files. The site has a live chat functure open to just the class.
    What other people are saying: By Jennifer Alman for the Emergent Technologies in a collaborative class at Full Sail University. Features and benefits of using Twiducate for collaboration in an educational setting. Are you a teacher? Sign up now. It's simple and free!twiducate is the perfect solution for elementary and secondary students.
Scott Floyd -- Conferences - 72 views

  • is tool for involving audiences in presentations by letting them suggest questions and vote on each other's questions. is intended for conference or event organizers who want a new way to solicit questions from the audience and make better use of question and answer time.

    New free backchanneling tool from the MIT media lab.
    One of the aspects of that I'm excited about is the option to create multiple channels ahead of time. This will be a useful time-saver on the days when I have four consecutive classes and I want each class to have its own channel.
    Richard Byrne
    A tool for creating a backchannel.
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