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Martin Burrett - 118 views

    This is a wonderful Video conferencing site which works across many types of devices. There is no sign up or login required. Just start a room and share the link to invite afters. You can have five video participates at once. You can watch videos together from YouTube and other sites. There is a collaborative notepad, text chat, file sharing and you can even share your screen with other 'room mates.' You can sign in for free to customise rooms and schedule sessions. A great resource for staff meetings, training and distance teaching.
Martin Burrett

LiveMinutes - Web Conferencing - 91 views

    A brilliant, 'must try' web tool for group to text/voice chat, with a collaborative whiteboard, document viewer and more, all in real time. I'm really loving this tool at the moment for joint language lessons with my school's Chinese partner school. No sign in require, however register for free for extra features.
Martin Burrett

Loudtalks - 83 views

    An amazing download for PC and mobile devices allows users to communicate by 'push-to-talk' in a walkie-talkie style. A great resource for communicating on school trips, host a virtual meeting, or just getting teachers/students communicating across your school.
Martin Burrett

Verbling - 84 views

    An interesting site that connects language learners to native speakers using video conferencing.
Martin Burrett

Tonguetide - 2 views

    Tonguetide is a social networking site for people looking to improve their foreign language skills. Find a language partner or use the site's learning tools to help you.,+Culture+&+International+Projects
Martin Burrett

Vyew - 57 views

    "Vyew allows you to meet and share content in real-time or anytime. Upload images, files, documents and videos into a room. Users can access and contribute at anytime.
    Why use Vyew?

    It's easy - no installations.
    It's compatible - PC, Mac, Linux, powerpoints, documents, images, videos, mp3's, flash files.
    It's FREE! - Our free version is free forever. Unlimited use with up to 10 people. What's the catch? It's ad supported.
    Conferencing features - whiteboarding, video conferencing, screen sharing, Voice-over-IP.
    Collaboration features - continuous rooms are always saved and always-on. Contextual discussion forums, voice-notes, track and log activity.

    Take A Tour
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    Join a Meeting
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    Enterprise Appliance

    What people are saying
    I've used other prohibitively expensive online meeting software and this beats their pants off in ease of use/price/features.
    -Joel, Vyew Customer

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    real time visual collaboration
    A great site for collaborating online. Work on documents together in real time, video chat and share your screen with others are just a few features that make this a great site for tutoring, meetings and webinars.
Martin Burrett

HeyTell ~ Turn your Phone into a walkie talkie - 41 views

    Going on a school trip? This is a free app for Android and iPhone that turns your phone into a Walkie-Talkie using your data network. Press the screen to talk and your group will hear.
Martin Burrett

Free Video Chat and Video Conferencing from ooVoo - 37 views

    Video chat with up to two other people for free at the same time with this great downloadable tool. You can same files and embed a video chat into a website.
Martin Burrett

Web Conferencing | Free Video Conferencing | Online Web Meeting | Multipoint video conf... - 54 views

    A great video conferencing site for making a live webinar or conducting an online lesson. It operates in a similar way to a chat room.
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