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Martin Burrett

American girls read and write better than boys - 3 views

    "As early as the fourth grade, girls perform better than boys on standardised tests in reading and writing, and as they get older that achievement gap widens even more, according to research published by the American Psychological Association."
Jim Aird

US Department of Education Endorses "Pay for Success" Bonds for Pre-K Special Education... - 25 views

    Paying banks to lower SPED costs?  Sure, I can see how that makes sense.  Paying the schools to serve the students sure has been a silly solution for all these years, and so simple Thank goodness that the DOE and the banks have made this clearer.
Stacy Olson

U.S. History Lessons | Stanford History Education Group - 59 views

    • Kevin Walsh
      Great website with tremendous resources and lessons using primary sources!
    Great resource of primary sources for American History.
Brandie Hayes

Impacts & Adaptation | Climate Change | US EPA - 28 views

    Impacts and adaptations of climate change across the major regions of the US. Also broken down across 10 sectors-agriculture, coasts, ecosystems, energy, human ,health, etc. 
Garth Holman

UH - Digital History - 13 views

    US History resource - nice
    Lots of American History resources for variety of topics
    Tons of primary resources for American History and learning. This breaks down USA history in timelines, texts, ears, resources. You can spend 20 hours on here and not see it all. A FIRST stop for American History.
Frederick Eberhardt - 28 views

    Later History Text by Lapsansky-Werner, E.J. (2008). A discussion of the historical impact of the History of American Advertising. Writer of Lapsansky-Werner, E.J. (2008). U.S. History of Modern America: Boston, Pearson.
Brian Peoples

The Enduring Vision | ACE Practice Tests - 2 views

    ACE Practice tests
Brian Peoples

HippoCampus US History - AP US History I - Homework Help - 2 views

    Comprehensive online textbook
Javier E

News: Decline of 'Western Civ'? - Inside Higher Ed - 25 views

  • Fifty years ago, 10 of the 50 "top" colleges mandated a Western Civ course, while students at 31 of them could choose a "Western Civilization" course from among a group of courses that would fulfill general education requirements. The situation is different today, according to the report. None of those "top 50" colleges and only one of the 75 public universities, the University of South Carolina, mandates one semester of "Western Civ." The association did not count Columbia University and Colgate University as offering the traditional "Western Civ" course, even though those institutions require two-semester courses on Western thought, because those courses include non-Western texts. Sixteen of the "Top 50" list Western Civ among several choices for a general education curriculum, as do 44 of the 75 large public institutions.
  • The "traditional Western Civ course," he said, was especially well suited for the student population of the 1960s. But he said today's student body is radically different and might not be as interested in such courses. He also attributed the change to an increasing specialization among professors, which affects how well they can teach broad survey courses and how much they enjoy doing so.
  • Whereas many colleges in the 1960s had standard core curriculums, more and more universities have moved to a model where students select from a broad range of courses in thematic areas.
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  • "The notion that the cultural traditions of our population reside in Western Civilization is belied by the demographic changes in the American population," Grossman said. He said it is knowledge of world history, a perspective that encompasses Western Civilization, that students are going to need in order to be successful in business, nonprofit, and government jobs.
Deb Minter

Straight from the Copyright Office! - 151 views

    This information comes directly from the US Copyright Office. Everything that you need to know to keep you legal.
Allison Haeussler

America on the Sidelines: The United States and World Affairs, 1931-1941 | EDSITEment - 36 views

    Great interactive site for WWII
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