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Martin Burrett

Risk it for a biscuit…by @MaximJKelly - 4 views

    "It was October and I was standing on the roof of a high rise building in the middle of Shanghai. Flight after flight of stairs interspersed with several elevator journeys had brought me to the summit, and the rooftop on which I now stood served as a primary school playground for hundreds of pupils. As I made my way to the edge of the building I was amazed to find that the only barrier between me and the pavement - 16 stories down - was a small wall, waist height at most. I peered over the edge and can still recall that instant feeling of danger and dizziness washing over my entire body. I stepped back and turned to the Chinese headteacher whose school I was visiting."
Martin Burrett

Quality playground experience matters - 5 views

    "Playtime, or break, periods can offer physical, cognitive, social and emotional benefits to primary school children, but those benefits are tied closely to the quality of the playground experience. Playground safety, access to play equipment, peer conflict resolution and quality engagement between adults and students are among the factors that contribute to a quality recess experience, new research from Oregon State University (USA) shows."
Jeff Andersen

Should Your Kid Play Football? - The Tuscaloosa News - 9 views

    Should your kid play football? It is a question that might have been unthinkable to many just a few years ago. Football is part of our culture. More than half a century ago, it supplanted baseball as the American pastime. Upward of 100 million people - about a third of the population - watch the Super Bowl each year. Around here, it is more than just sport and entertainment. Some have likened it to a religion. Without question, it is an important part of the fabric of society.
Gerald Carey

How I reverse-engineered Google Docs to play back any document's keystrokes «... - 70 views

    This person has created a site that show how a document was created - letter by letter, deletion by deletion! Whilst this might be tedious, used appropriately it might show the editing process clearly. You can do an analysis of keystrokes - when and how many.You can highlight text and show how it changed over time. Man, there are some clever people out there!
Deborah Baillesderr

ScratchJr - Home - 59 views

    An iPad and junior version of the well know programming platform Scratch. The app has been designed for 5+ year olds and boosts simplified versions features of the more mature version. Children still snap programming blocks together to build amazingly creative things.
    Scratch for ages 5 to 7
    "Coding is the new literacy! With ScratchJr, young children (ages 5-7) can program their own interactive stories and games. In the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer."
Sharin Tebo

Creative Educator - The Power of Play - 44 views

  • These characteristics are often found in classroom environments that lean toward student-centered and inquiry-based learning.
  • I have seen that as children spend more time in school they lose some or all of their natural comfort with learning through spontaneous, playful exploration.
Roland Gesthuizen

All Work and No Play: Why Your Kids Are More Anxious, Depressed - Esther Entin - The At... - 60 views

    "For more than fifty years, children's free play time has been continually declining, and it's keeping them from turning into confident adults"
Steven Szalaj

Playing For All Kinds of Possibilities - - 0 views

    A study explores the difference in problem solving between the "play" approach that children use, and the more structured approach used by adults.
Andrew McCluskey

'Te's Harmony,' Youth Play, Brings Shakespeare To Modern Richmond, Inspires Documentary - 16 views

    "'Te's Harmony,' Youth Play, Brings Shakespeare To Modern Richmond, Inspires Documentary"
Joyce Sendeckyj

Infinity Ring Books and Games - 66 views

    Read the books and play the games
Tonya Thomas

EduTech Ideas: Win An iPad And More! - 1 views

  • Make (and use) a Twitter account for one of your classes – You’ll need to provide us the link to the Twitter profile you’ve created (example:
  • Use Skype (or similar service) to have your students connect with someone(s) for a project, interview, ‘pen pal’ class activity – Provide a short description of who your students connected with, and the purpose of their task (and if they used a service other than Skype, what service was it!?)
  • Make a Facebook page for one of your classes (and use it) – You’ll need to provide the link to the Facebook page that you’ve created (example:
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Create flashcard sets for a unit of study using a flashcard app – Tell us what app you used, what unit of study you created the cards for, and how it worked out (did the students use/enjoy them, did you find them to be more helpful than a different method of studying, etc?)
  • Make a Learnist board – You’ll need to provide the link to your board (example:
  • ClassDojo
  • Use Google Docs/Drive to grade students’ work instead collecting and handing back papers – Take a screenshot of one of the documents that shows us your comments/grading, etc, and upload it into the form. (Don’t forget to blur out any student personal information if necessary!)
  • Use Animoto as part of a class project or class work – You’ll need to provide us the link to the video/slideshow you’ve created.
  • Start a class blog – You’ll need to provide us the link to the blog you’ve created.
  • Create a google site for your class – Take a screenshot of your class page and upload it into the form.
  • Create an interactive storybook – Provide either a link or upload the storybook into the form
Martin Burrett

Irresistible Ideas for play based learning - 92 views

    Good ideas for play based learning.
    A really useful activities, arts and craft site. A great place to spark ideas, not to mention getting very messy!
Tu Loan Trieu Trieu

How children's 'play' is being sneakily redefined - The Answer Sheet - The Washington Post - 52 views

    children need more play time
Glenda Baker

About Veri - Veri - 47 views

    Project based on gamification principles. Learn, teach and play.
Julie Whitehead

I play it. They create it. Scratch. | PIPEDREAMS - 67 views

    a blog posting from Zoe about Scratch
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