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Shannon Smith

Need resources to assist in creating a 21st century learner training/ professional deve... - 133 views

Thank you! This is great information! James McKee wrote: > Shannon, > > I was recently referred to this video of Michael Wesch who teaches cultural anthropology at Kansas State University. He ...

professional development 21st century learners technology

Peter Beens

Get your free 13-page Twitter Guide for Teachers | Powerful Learning Practice - 5 views

    We've created the Twitter Handbook for Teachers, a brand new, interactive, 13-page guide to Twitter. This guide is for educators who are new to Twitter, or veterans to the social media platform who want to bring Twitter into their classrooms or grow their network. Is that you?
Steven Engravalle

K12 Guide to going Google - 4 views

    If your school is going Google, the K12 Guide to Going Google is obviously a great resource. But if your school is still gathering information before making a decision about whether or not to "go Google," the K12 Guide to Going Google will give you a good sense of what the process entails.
Justin Medved

Looking For Learning In 21st Century Classrooms - A leadership guide to supporting and ... - 60 views

    Looking for Learning in 21st Century Classrooms A leadership guide to supporting and coaching best practice technology use across the curriculum. Administrators are given the charge to foster professional development of teachers through classroom observation, walk-throughs and overall supervision. In recent years, technology has changed significantly and the world has altered alongside that change. Education has begun the process of including technology, but finds variety in teacher expertise and practice. What questions can supervisors ask of their teachers to best promote technology-use to improve learning? Here are some helpful guiding questions.
Deborah Baillesderr - 61 views

    This is a parent's guide on 21st Century Learning
alexis alexander

Free Technology for Teachers: A Video Guide to Common Fallacies - 92 views

    "When I taught current events to ninth grade students the first unit I taught was about recognizing bias, propaganda, and logical fallacies. The Guide to Common Fallacies is a resource that I wish I had back then. The Guide to Common Fallacies is a series of five short videos from the PBS Idea Channel. Each video covers a different common fallacy. The fallacies are Strawman, Ad Hominem, Black and White, Authority, and No True Scotsman. I have embedded the playlist below."
Jennie Snyder

8 Ideas, 10 Guides, And 17 Tools For A Better Professional Learning Network - 5 views

  • Get started developing your social media PLN with these tips and ideas for great ways to make use of social tools.
  • t’s not enough to just follow and read, you need to connect.
  • can chat, collaborate, and connect through Twitter chats
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Guides
  • hese guides to find out how other educators have used social media and other tools to grow their personal learning networks.
  • Use these popular social media tools for learning to grow and take advantage of your network with the latest technology.
    An excellent post with resources on developing and building a personal learning network.
Steven Engravalle

Microsoft in Education Teacher guides - 139 views

    Microsoft in Education free teacher guides
Roland Gesthuizen

The Ultimate Simplified Guide to The Use of Evernote in Education - 154 views

    "Evernote is a great web service and software application that we can use in education. A lot of ink has been shed on this topic and just one click in a search engine is enough to get hundreds of links to guides and tutorials about Evernote. I have been going through so many of these resources and have collected ideas, videos, notes and many more"
Elizabeth Resnick

iPads in the Classroom - Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - 229 views

    from the guide to everything, the guide to iPads in the classroom.  seriously overwhelming!
Ann Steckel

Complete Guide to Open Educational Resources -- Campus Technology - 60 views

    "Complete Guide to Open Educational Resources"
Maria José Vitorino

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers - Cat's Pyjamas - 115 views

  • A few weeks ago, a Social Media Cheat Sheet was doing the round. A nice visualization of the pro’s & cons of each social media channel, but with a business/marketing focus. I thought I should do one for social media use in education. However for most of the teachers I work with, our Moodle (EIT Online) is still their primary online teaching environment. So instead I set out to create this poster size guide for teachers, allowing them to compare the functionality and pedagogical advantages of some standard Moodle tools, adding a column to indicate how tricky the tool is to set up.
    PDF guide to Moodle tools
    Poster of the functions of Moodle
Marc Patton

Scratch Curriculum Guide Draft | ScratchEd - 134 views

    This Scratch curriculum guide provides an introduction to creative computing with Scratch, using a design-based learning approach. The guide is organized as a series of twenty 60-minute sessions, and includes session plans, handouts, projects, and videos. The 20 sessions presented in this guide are organized into 5 topics: introductionartsstoriesgamesfinal project
    A design-based introduction to computational thinking with Scratch
Kathy Malsbenden

Free Technology for Teachers: Teacher's Guide to Web 2.0 at School - 133 views

    Sacha Chua has once again created an awesome slide presentation. In this presentation, A Teacher's Guide to Web 2.0 at School, Sacha does a great job of addressing the "yeah buts" and "what if" opposition statements that some administrators and teachers make in regards to using Web 2.o in schools.
Jac Londe

Scientists make quantum breakthrough - 25 views

  • Scientists have demonstrated for the first time that atoms can be guided in a laser beam and possess the same properties as light guided in an optical communications fiber.
  • Abstract Speckle patterns produced by multiple independent light sources are a manifestation of the coherence of the light field. Second-order correlations exhibited in phenomena such as photon bunching, termed the Hanbury Brown–Twiss effect, are a measure of quantum coherence. Here we observe for the first time atomic speckle produced by atoms transmitted through an optical waveguide, and link this to second-order correlations of the atomic arrival times. We show that multimode matter-wave guiding, which is directly analogous to multimode light guiding in optical fibres, produces a speckled transverse intensity pattern and atom bunching, whereas single-mode guiding of atoms that are output-coupled from a Bose–Einstein condensate yields a smooth intensity profile and a second-order correlation value of unity. Both first- and second-order coherence are important for applications requiring a fully coherent atomic source, such as squeezed-atom interferometry.
  • Australian National University
Gerald Carey

The C.R.A.P. Test - UNST FRINQ Guide for Student Research - LibGuides at Portland State... - 123 views

    These two videos provide examples of evaluating websites and articles using the C.R.A.P. test (Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Purpose/Point of view).
    Thanks for posting this. I immediately added the site to the guide I prepare for students in my courses. By the way, Portland State Library's Research Guides and Tutorials are very nicely done and provide useful introductions to many areas.
N Carroll

Dr. Nicki's Guided Math Blog | a space to talk about guided math - 39 views

    Great resource for Guided Math including podcasts and resources with links on Pinterest.
Tony Bollino

Educators Guide to the use of Pinterest in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobil... - 62 views

    Educators Guide to Pinterest and who to follow.
Marc Patton

Windows 7 in the Classroom Guide for Teachers Free Guide - 90 views

    "Windows 7 in the Classroom Guide for Teachers" - Learn how educators can use Windows 7 to simplify everyday tasks, save time and make lessons more interactive.

School Leaders: Guiding Teachers into the Digital Age | Edutopia - 3 views

    School Leaders: Guiding Teachers into the Digital Age
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