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Kayla Sosnow - 26 views

    • Kayla Sosnow
      Doris Ellis, formal double
Dave Melick

Friends of Music - 17 views

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Ciii Ell

f320e642-6a8b-4bcd-9ddc-44d0895d2bf0 - 7 views

xie qiang

Diigo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 21 views

H.C. Chen

Forth Lesson 0 - OLPC - 11 views

  • low-level control over the system
    • H.C. Chen
      For jeforth the benefit is 'high-level' cooperation among different languages and operating environments; also the freedom of syntax.
Phil Butler

Key Crisis Point: Is Saudi Arabia Running Out of Gas? | New Eastern Outlook - 3 views

joe fransico

Share this page not working - 12 views

Its not browser issue refresh your page or login again and you will be able to share your bookmarks

joe fransico

how to delete a bookmark? - 17 views

On the Diigo you can delete and edit your bookmark just login to choose option for delete and edit.

delete bookmark


Would you send me your feedback on using online Research tools? - 29 views

Are you looking for a platform to create polls, conduct or participate in surveys and get insightful analytics? Look no further, opt Votocrat- the data aggregator and analyzer.


Followers - 194 views

In my opinion, a filter should be available for users. We should be able to choose to allow a follow or not. After all, many persons don't care about it, but some others are concerned about privacy...

diigo followers follow help suggestion allow block remove

xie qiang

Google Translate - 10 views

Graham Perrin

Group topic redirect: 9718 (v3) to 554621 (v4): fail - 9 views

    Fixes verified.
    Thanks to Vincent.
Marie-Christine Schindler

Die neuen Online-Kundenmagazine - ein Überblick - 3 views

    Die Renaissance der eZines hat begonnen. Mit dem Hype um Content-Marketing nimmt das Thema digitale Kundenmagazine bei den Marketing- und Kommunikationsverantwortlichen an Fahrt auf. 
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