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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Shibela .

Lisette Casey

Group Alerts Not Being Received - 91 views

group_alerts Firefox help Mac OS X
  • Shibela .
    Hi Sandy,

    I have had sporadic, at best, notifications for group e-mail alerts. In fact, the only e-mail alerts from this group that I've received in the past month have all been someone saving some link with annotations attached to it. That's it. This has been ongoing since the middle to late March 2011. Currently, my settings for the group are set to Immediate notification. Is there anything else I need to do?


  • Shibela .

    The database may be saying that, but the e-mails for group alerts are getting lost somewhere between Diigo & the recipient's mailbox that is not the spam / junk mail filter, as I have been lucky to receive only 1 of apparently 22 group alerts this month alone. The only one I received was an alert for this thread, which I have subscribed to.... and as far as I can see, I should be getting group alerts e-mailed from this group immediately -- see my earlier reply above.
  • Shibela .
    My apologies for the late reply -- I never received notification that this thread had been updated despite the subscription. :\ In fact, I only came to the group because I just received my first notification since your reply to Lisette above, and it was an annotated link (Titled: "Republique populaire Chine, Constitution chinoise, 1982, MJP, université de P... " & Link:

    That said, I was counting all new threads in this group alone by thread creation date -- and I obviously (or apparently) miscounted, because I'm only seeing 14 new threads for the month; however, that is not including all annotated links that get posted to the group & subsequently deleted, which also send out group notifications upon being posted to the group (or at least, I have been getting notifications for those type of postings in the past as noted in the paragraph above).

    I have not received any new thread notifications from this group in November, and I see 4 new threads right now -- this does not include the annotated link that brought me to check out this group.

    New Threads I see on the group but never received notification about:

    Posted Nov. 1st -- "Adding a quick access filter isn't working?" (Link:

    Posted Nov. 4th -- "Educator features" (Link:

    Posted Nov. 5th -- "Diigo toolbar not working properly" (Link:

    Posted Nov. 5th -- "Can someone explain what "Cache" does??" (Link:

    There is obviously something going on, but I have no idea how to fix it since I am subscribed to be notified immediately upon anything new being posted to the group, and I have "" in my contact list in my e-mail, so all e-mails from Diigo (or that address, anyway) should be received without problem. In fact, I've never had anything from Diigo be delivered to my Spam folder. And so my confusion....

Diigo Community sort helter skelter - 32 views

  • Shibela .

    Anything that gets "Liked by", annotated, or highlighted in the group shows up as updated on the date that action has occurred, regardless of whether or not anything has been added to the topic thread.
  • Shibela .
    "Or are you saying that if a post from 2 years ago is Liked By someone ELSE in the Community then that post/thread goes to the top of the posts that I see when they are Sort By Most Recent even if none of the dates in any of the posts of the thread are months old?"


My Library (web) >> ALWAYS open in NEW tab please! - 76 views

suggestion bug help Firefox Mozilla
started by anonymous on 28 Mar 11 no follow-up yet
  • Shibela .

    The Diigo Firefox toolbar does let you open links in new tabs... There should be an icon on the far left that looks something like a piece of paper with a green '+' on it -- this will open up the sidebar, which anything clicked on in the sidebar opens up in a new tab. At least, this has been my experience to-date.

    I hope you're able to get answers / suggestions regarding the "Smart Folders."

Kala Parva

Enhanced Linkroll suddenly not working - 32 views

Enhanced Linkroll Error
started by Kala Parva on 26 Mar 11 no follow-up yet
  • Shibela .
    Typing direct URL with tags (whether using 1 or more tags in the URL) is not bringing up any bookmarks, as well.
Alessandro Di Ruscio

Tag Blundle - 67 views

tag bundle
started by Alessandro Di Ruscio on 23 Mar 11 no follow-up yet
  • Shibela .
    The closest thing that Diigo has to tag bundles is the List function, but, unfortunately, if you use the List function, the List created does not have a tag list at the side, so trying to narrow anything down on the List by tag is impossible unless you create extra tags, which then pretty much defeats the entire purpose of the List function IMO. And if you've got more than 100 bookmarks that would go on the list, well.... good luck with searching on the fly even with the ability to add Section Headers to the List to organize the list that way because the Section Headers aren't linked for easy navigation, so Ctrl+F (or whatever your browser's Find function is) is your only friend on that part -- and that's only if you happen to remember what you titled the Section Headers for that List because, again, there's no listing at the side or the top of List on the Sections in the List.

    There is debate or requests for feedback on various planned options, but as they're still in the opinion-finding stage of things AFAIK, a solution is not close in coming any time soon.

    Feel free to check out & leave an opinion at both:

    To have a tags bundle option (like in delicious)


    Organize your bookmark list like your os, in different folders
Shibela .

Saving via "Bookmark and Highlight" as private doesn't transfer as private to alternate... - 51 views

bug highlight
  • Shibela .
    When using Diigo for bookmarks, I have it set to "Bookmark Elsewhere" to shorten any duplicate activities on my part. However, I've noticed that when I use the "Bookmark and Highlight" option & set the bookmark to 'Private', that while it saves that way for Diigo, the bookmark saved elsewhere does not save as 'Private'.

    Is this actually a bug or is this how it's supposed to work?

    Thanks in advance!

    Diigo Toolbar v.
    Windows Vista
    Firefox Browser v.3.6.15
  • Shibela .
    Sandy, Yes, I did - I had that set up within the first 48 hours of having opened my Diigo account. And on testing, again, results are the same:

    Highlighted & Saved as Private saves as Private to Diigo, but the 'simultaneous' save to Delicious becomes Public instead of Private as intended.

    Any bookmark I've saved as Private - without Highlighting anything - saves as Private to both Diigo & Delicious. It just seems to deviate when Highlight is involved in the process.

    Thanks for looking into this,

Nick Drew

Button for the 'Recent' smart folder - 53 views

  • Shibela .
    Nick Drew,

    I'm not sure if Diigo's toolbar icons work like normal bookmark icons in the bookmark toolbar of Firefox browser, but if it does, then all you need to do to take 'Recent' text off the folder icon is to right-click on the Recent folder, then click 'Properties'. A small window should pop up & the first open text box is "Name" which will have 'Recent' there -- delete 'Recent' & click "Save". This should give you the folder icon without the 'Recent' text attached.

    As for removing the quick filter icon from the toolbar, I'm pretty sure you can do that by going to the 'Customize Toolbar' option & choosing what you actually want to show on the Diigo Toolbar.

  • Shibela .
    Nick Drew,

    Okay... I went & re-installed the Diigo Toolbar extension & played around a little bit. I still can't believe there's not an option to re-name the folders. However, you can take them (the Recent folder & the Quick-filter icon) out of the toolbar area by right-clicking on the toolbar area and select "Customize...". (Or you can select "View" at the top of your browser, then click on "Toolbars", then click on "Customize..." which will get you the same thing.) Move the "Customize" window if it's blocking the items on your toolbar, then click & drag the specific item on the toolbar you want off it over to the "Customize..." window. This will remove it from the Toolbar area & you can find it there when you feel a need to restore it back on the Toolbar area.

    I hope this helps you out.

Shibela .

Search Bug? - 90 views

diigo search bug
  • Shibela .
    I'm a new diigo user & I've been playing around with some of the features, but I've noticed that none of my searches on the bookmarks that I've either imported from Delicious or made before this last week are showing up in the My Library search results. Is there something I'm doing wrong? All the bookmarks that I'm searching are there, they just aren't coming up in the search results for My Library.
  • Shibela .
    @sandy_diigo, Thank you! I've already noticed an increase on returns on one of my searches -- about 23% are showing up now, as opposed to the prior .3%.

    As a point of curiosity, is it possible to set the Search Results with default Sort by Date as opposed to the current setting of by Relevance? As I'm usually searching by keyword, Relevance is generally not something I worry about; however, I am interested in seeing the Date on which the bookmark was saved as it gives me an idea on my personal trends.

    @johnos, I understand your frustration. Fortunately, I've got my bookmarks saved in several areas as backups & reference-points that are easily searchable, but it still doesn't aid in the ease of use of Diigo's site & features, especially as the import of my bookmarks became a bit scrambled in one way or another so I'm still trying to fix the issues with the hopes of a "cleaner" complete Library.

    However, it looks like the searching issues are being addressed, and there may soon be a complete resolution. Hopefully, the results I'm finding are spreading across the board for everyone.
  • Shibela .
    Hi Conrad,

    As I came to Diigo from Delicious, I don't have personal experience with backing-up my bookmarks on Diigo's site. In fact, because of certain recent issues experienced with Diigo, I haven't added many bookmarks to my collection here -- saving them up until I can get what's here fixed to my specifications since notes & tags became messy & incomplete with my import from Delicious.

    That said...

    This thread -- -- recommends using CSV format when backing-up (also known as exporting) your Diigo bookmarks because that will save almost all of your information from your bookmarks (cached pages don't appear to be able to be saved in that manner). On further investigation, that format should be able to be opened & readable by either Microsoft Excel or software; however, as I have not as yet done that with my bookmarks here, I can't attest to how well it works. You can export (back-up) your bookmarks at

    Anyhow, once you complete the exportation process, you should be able to use Excel's or's search function to find what you need. It's more unwieldy than being able to use Diigo's search function, but if their on-site search function isn't working as it should, then this is your best bet for results.

    Good luck!
Shibela .

Searching Community Library: Inclusive or Independent Results from My Library? - 31 views

diigo search inconsistency help
  • Shibela .
    I'm in need of a little clarification...

    Whatever is searched, should not the Community Library contain the entire results from My Library as well as the Community at large? Or are the results from the Community Library only supposed to show results from the Community at large, and if some of the results happen to also be in My Library, then that just means that others have saved that particular item as well?

    If it's supposed to be the former, then apparently the current Search problem in regards to My Library results is actually a global site problem. If it's supposed to be the latter, then that would be a good thing to know.

  • Shibela .
    @sandy_diigo, Just a little more clarification.... Can I assume "high quality" bookmarks are the ones where more than 1 person / entity has saved that bookmark or is there a rating system for bookmarks saved that comes into this?

    Thank you so much for all your help - it's truly appreciated.
Conrad Ferdinand

Searching for tags - 46 views

tagging bug
started by Conrad Ferdinand on 12 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
  • Shibela .
    @Conrad Ferdinand, I, too, have noticed this in any tag that implements the "+" character, and have issued a bug report in the Customer Feedback section, but have, as yet, received no reply one way or the other. There seems to be some kind of translation problem when clicking any link or even direct searching any tag that implements the "+" character in any manner from any part of the diigo site that is not a direct link from the My Tags section.

    And I have just now noticed that the support people did something so my original work-around is no longer an option; otherwise, I was going to tell you to go to your My Tags page, where you can edit your tags, and click on the tag directly, but apparently whoever is coding a fix regarding the "+" used as a space or actual character managed to make it impossible for results to come up for anything that involves the "+" in the URL.

    Hopefully, this is fixed fast.

    ETA: Apparently, my problem is only in regards to the Edit My Tags section now with regards to the use of the "+" as either actual character or space, since it seems to work on the direct links & searching from the My Library page.
Shibela .

Acceptable / Allowed Characters in Tags - 12 views

tags diigo help
started by Shibela . on 07 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
  • Shibela .
    Is there perhaps a list of characters that are acceptable / allowed for use in tags on Diigo's site? Or rather, that aren't allowed or acceptable for use in tags? If so, where?

Andrea ...

Impossible to delete a tag - 234 views

delete tag help
  • Shibela .
    @sandy_diigo I appear to be having the same problem of being unable to totally delete tags -- no matter how many times & ways I've tried to get rid of them.
  • Shibela .
    @sandy_diigo When I go to -- -- it's the first three listed that will not be deleted: "000+", "000-", and "1". All of these came about from importing my bookmarks, and the first 2 say that I have 1 bookmark while the last says I have 2 bookmarks there, yet when I click on the tag, it says that there are no bookmarks associated with the tags. So, I've tried to delete them by hovering the mouse over the tag-in-question, until given the option to 'Edit | Delete', and clicked on 'Delete' - they're still there - and then I've tried the 'Edit' option & deleting all in the field & then clicking 'Save', which tells me that it is deleting the tag-in-question, but it's still there -- days & then weeks later.

    I've had no problems with other tags that were chopped on the import, but mostly because I've gone to the bookmark-in-question & edited my tags that way, which makes me really wonder why there's a character-limit on the tags field, when we're only allowed to use 23 tags per bookmark anyway. Admittedly, because I do use a lot of tags & the tags aren't all short, this was probably part of the issue to begin with when re-naming the tags because that's what I originally started with, was clicking on the 'Edit' option on the Edit Tags page (linked above), and re-naming them to what they were supposed to be, and when it worked on all but 10 to 20 bookmarks, I went to the bookmarks-in-question & edited the bookmarks' tag field, which is how I found out about the character limit being there in addition to the actual tags-used limit. But after all the individual editing of bookmarks, those tags still appear in my tags list.

    To give you an idea of time frame, I imported all of my bookmarks around Dec. 4th, 2010, and started re-naming / editing the tags the next day after the import was complete.

    I hope that information helps.

    Thank you for the assistance!
Lars Bauer

Save image: unwanted behavior / bugs - 26 views

bug save image image save highlight title description private public
started by Lars Bauer on 01 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
  • Shibela .
    This actually seems to be happening across the board regardless of whether the item being saved is an image or a regular bookmark. However, I think the action is limited to the Diigo Toolbar because the Diigolet will keep the pre-populated fields as they were.
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