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started by pd   on 28 Mar 11
  • pd  
    Everything in my browser opens as a new tab. I like it that way. Why cannot Diigo do the same?
  • dnknitro
    I would like the Diigo FireFox toolbar to open links in new tab (unless current tab is empty). This is really something I miss.

    Also more control over "Smart Folders" would be really good. At least definable sorting - alphabetically or by the most recent.

    It would also be nice if I could set custom icon on some Smart Folder. Is it possible to implement this?
  • Shibela .

    The Diigo Firefox toolbar does let you open links in new tabs... There should be an icon on the far left that looks something like a piece of paper with a green '+' on it -- this will open up the sidebar, which anything clicked on in the sidebar opens up in a new tab. At least, this has been my experience to-date.

    I hope you're able to get answers / suggestions regarding the "Smart Folders."

  • dnknitro
    Nope, this totally different. I would like links from _Smart Folders_ to open in new tab.
  • pd  

    This is not the solution I'm looking for. I do not use toolbars as they take up too much screen real estate. I have one Diigo button. When I click on the button I see an option to open the first page of my diigo 'library'. I prefer this because I cans see annotations and highlighted text and read a bigger font size. I cannot do this in the sidebar. When I click "My Library (web) >>" from the menu that drops down after I click the Diigo button, My LIbrary always over-writes an existing tab and this is very annoying!
  • dnknitro
    Because of this issue (links from the toolbar and Smart Folder are opened in current active tab) I decided to switch back to delicious bookmarks and FireFox toolbar.

    Even though It is "not compatible" with FireFox 4 - there is a workaround for this - I googled it and easily found a solution.

    Bye bye Diigo toolbar.

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