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Shibela .

Search Bug? - 90 views

diigo search bug

started by Shibela . on 28 Dec 10
  • Shibela .
    I'm a new diigo user & I've been playing around with some of the features, but I've noticed that none of my searches on the bookmarks that I've either imported from Delicious or made before this last week are showing up in the My Library search results. Is there something I'm doing wrong? All the bookmarks that I'm searching are there, they just aren't coming up in the search results for My Library.
  • johnos
    Same here Shibela! I've seen posts on this problem going back to last August! Basic searches (not tag search) doesn't return any results older than a week or so ago! Effectively, this means that my library, which is several years old, is practically useless.
  • sandy_diigo
    I am looking into this issue.
  • Shibela .
    @sandy_diigo, Thank you! I've already noticed an increase on returns on one of my searches -- about 23% are showing up now, as opposed to the prior .3%.

    As a point of curiosity, is it possible to set the Search Results with default Sort by Date as opposed to the current setting of by Relevance? As I'm usually searching by keyword, Relevance is generally not something I worry about; however, I am interested in seeing the Date on which the bookmark was saved as it gives me an idea on my personal trends.

    @johnos, I understand your frustration. Fortunately, I've got my bookmarks saved in several areas as backups & reference-points that are easily searchable, but it still doesn't aid in the ease of use of Diigo's site & features, especially as the import of my bookmarks became a bit scrambled in one way or another so I'm still trying to fix the issues with the hopes of a "cleaner" complete Library.

    However, it looks like the searching issues are being addressed, and there may soon be a complete resolution. Hopefully, the results I'm finding are spreading across the board for everyone.
  • johnos
    Thanks Sandy. Looks good now. I suppose I should back everything up!
  • Shibela .
    Hi Conrad,

    As I came to Diigo from Delicious, I don't have personal experience with backing-up my bookmarks on Diigo's site. In fact, because of certain recent issues experienced with Diigo, I haven't added many bookmarks to my collection here -- saving them up until I can get what's here fixed to my specifications since notes & tags became messy & incomplete with my import from Delicious.

    That said...

    This thread -- -- recommends using CSV format when backing-up (also known as exporting) your Diigo bookmarks because that will save almost all of your information from your bookmarks (cached pages don't appear to be able to be saved in that manner). On further investigation, that format should be able to be opened & readable by either Microsoft Excel or software; however, as I have not as yet done that with my bookmarks here, I can't attest to how well it works. You can export (back-up) your bookmarks at

    Anyhow, once you complete the exportation process, you should be able to use Excel's or's search function to find what you need. It's more unwieldy than being able to use Diigo's search function, but if their on-site search function isn't working as it should, then this is your best bet for results.

    Good luck!
  • and78386
    I have problems with Diigo search too. Sometimes added bookmarks were found, sometimes not. Why this happens?
  • sandy_diigo
    @and78386 Can you please give us some specific examples?

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