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Kala Parva

Enhanced Linkroll suddenly not working - 32 views

Enhanced Linkroll Error

started by Kala Parva on 26 Mar 11
  • Kala Parva
    The following script which was working fine for months suddenly has stopped working:

    In fact filtering on any tags is not working. Please help.

    Thanks & regards
  • Kala Parva
    In fact even in the My Library Panel, filtering by Tags shows no results. Please help.
  • Tomas N
    Same here, just tried to filter my bookmarks by a tag and it returned empty list. The bookmarks are there though and I can find them in fulltext search but not by the tag. Can it please get fixed soon?
  • Elizabeth Bagish
    Same here! Help Diigo! Tried it in different browsers, FF and Chrome. No luck.
  • Shibela .
    Typing direct URL with tags (whether using 1 or more tags in the URL) is not bringing up any bookmarks, as well.
  • Elizabeth Bagish
    It's working today. Thanks Diigo!

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