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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Ferdinand Bardamu

Ferdinand Bardamu

"Add a Bookmark" dialog bugs caused by FF profile - resolved by creating new profile - 60 views

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  • Ferdinand Bardamu
    @Graham Perrin

    My comments:

    i) None of the servers I have tried bookmarking have appeared to be "unusually pushed" (i.e. overloaded or laggy to me);
    ii) My connection is extremely reliable (wired 10/10 Mbit fibre-optic line). No other network functions disturbed;
    iii) I have not attempted to load the Diigo bookmarking service before the underlying page is 100% loaded;
    iv) I have disabled all other add-ons in FF to no avail.

    1) After experimenting with a cross-section of various websites, it does seem to be the case that both functions - FAYT tags & "add to a list" - are consistently absent after the "upgrade" from v3.x

    2) I have noticed no anomalies with either my lists, or my tag cloud. When editing a boomark from the Diigo website, the "add to a list" function is consistently present.

    I wonder if there perhaps may be some other remnant of Diigo that needs to be manually deleted in order to properly "refresh". Maybe some corrupted file of sorts? I did fully clean out the cache (even manually), so any other potentially interfering files would have to be located elsewhere...

    At this point, I am actually prepared to blame my FF installation, or windows XP. I'm planning on doing a clean install in a few months anyway, maybe that'll solve the problem.

    Thanks for all your help, Graham and Sean.
  • Ferdinand Bardamu
    Oops! I already deleted the problem profile - wanted to get the crap off my HD ASAP :-) Sorry!

    BTW, come to think of it, Diigo has not been 100% functional for quite a while. After the v 3.x update, I mysteriously lost the Bookmark button from the Diigo toolbar menu, but I was still able to access the bookmarking function by right-clicking a webpage. I can't remember which v 3 update if happened after (in case there were several v 3:s rolled out)...

    Thanks again to you both, Graham and Sean, for you speedy and helpful responses!
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