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Fernando Carraro - 3 views

Se ven interesantes esos libros, gracias por compartir el enlace.

open access knowledge open MOOC publishing Module11

jurado-navas - 0 views

Vook is a New York-based company that publishes digital books that combine text, video, links to the internet and social media into singular applications available both online and as mobile applica...

Module11 open digital books open access

started by jurado-navas on 03 Dec 14 no follow-up yet

THE BEACONS FAQ: Everything You Need To Know About Beacons And Apple's iBeacon System - 3 views

    Beacons are a new type of device that could change the way people shop in stores and revolutionize how retailers collect consumer data and interact with shoppers. Retailers can use beacons to trigger location-based features on customers' smartphone apps, including targeted coupons, store maps, and hands-free payments.
    seems like there are some clear privacy issues here but I'm pretty conflicted on the use of these as it is advantageous for all parties when consumers allow businesses to target them more efficiently

Conocimiento Abierto - 0 views

    Empecé a leerlo, sin conocer demasiado javascript y con la idea de adquirir buenas prácticas de desarrollo en javascript y en ese sentido me decepcionó un poco. El libro está bien, pero es poco opinativo.

Código y conocimiento para el desarrollo: un enfoque abierto - 0 views

    Publicado el 26 de jul. de 2012 Santiago Núñez es el actual director de Tecnologías Digitales del Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología (MICIT). Núñez es ingeniero en computación, profesor e investigador en el Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, donde coordina el Programa de Investigación E-Science. Realiza investigación en ciencias computacionales, modelos matemáticos, computación y sociedad y filosofía de la ciencia.

Deleting The Digital Divide One Computer at a Time | Indiegogo - 1 views

    one solution to help inequality problem?
    Good crowd-funding project that tries to help solve the digital divide problem by providing infrastructure to those who lack the money to purchase a computer. In addition to providing the physical infrastructure of the computer to allow those without one to catch up to society, perhaps another solution to conquer the digital divide is to educate those who have just received computers how to use the internet to look for information, consume, produce and distribute the information.
    Honestly I think public libraries need WAY more computers.
Diane Vahab

2014 NMC Horizon Report - 1 views

    2014 Library Edition Examines key trends, significant challenges, and emerging technologies for their impact on academic and research libraries across the globe- 56pages of articles.
Diane Vahab

LPC | Library Publishing Forum 2015 - 0 views

    We encourage library publishers (and friends of library publishing) to submit proposals and/or attend the Forum, including both administrators and technical staff charged with this important scholarly communications function. The Library Publishing Forum will include representatives from a broad, international spectrum of academic library backgrounds, as well as groups that collaborate with libraries to publish scholarly works including the digital humanities.
Diane Vahab

Open-Source Software for Libraries - 4 views

    Librarian site from New Zealand. It's still far from comprehensive but it can provide a good start if you're looking for stuff to try. FOSS4LIB is a much larger directory of library-specific open-source projects you might also look at.
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    Thank you for sharing.
    I've used Greenstone, Koha, and Wordpress, and while Wordpress is the easiest to use, I find it the least "library-esque" of the three. Koha is excellent once you get started, and has barcode-scanning built in, which can be very useful. Greenstone I've only just started to look at, but is fairly user-friendly once you get started and has a huge community of users that can help with any number of add-ons and tutorials. Great article!
    Thanks, great stuff. I created a blog using WordPress.
Abdul Naser Tamim

Access and Equity Comparative Perspectives - 1 views

    The massive expansion of higher education across all continents is one of the defining features of our century. This volume examines two dimensions of this: those of access and equity. Building on the country studies undertaken by this group of Fulbright New Century Scholars, the book offers a unique focus in its commitment to bring together an analysis of the theoretical literature on equity; a focus on the methodological problems of measuring access and equity from a comparative perspective; a comparative analysis of trends and policy developments set in a global framework; and a comparative analysis of targeted initiatives which are currently in place in different societies. The need to develop a comparative research programme addressing the question of measuring equity is noted
Olga Huertas

Difusión Científica y las Políticas de Acceso Abierto - 0 views

    Nuestro conocimiento del mundo ha ido aumentando rápidamente con el tiempo haciéndose, cada vez,más confiable. Como nunca antes, la adaptación de las sociedades al ritmo del conocimiento se ha vuelto crucial para el desarrollo sostenido. Sin embargo, es importante destacar que el acceso al conocimiento se ha visto restringido; grandes cantidades de personas en el mundo se han quedado atrás en esta enorme y emocionante carrera de nuestros días. Es determinante superar este abismo de cualquier forma posible, especialmente porque cada segmento del mundo depende de los otros actualmente. Una forma de acercarse a un equilibrio es la aplicación de recursos de Acceso Abierto al conocimiento.
    Estoy de acuerdo contigo, la tendencia debe ser buscar un equilibrio en la aplicación de los recursos que nos brinda el Acceso Abierto al Conocimiento.

El desarrollo de KIBS en México El sector servicios en el contexto de la ec... - 1 views

    El artículo introduce y discute el concepto de Empresas de Servicio Intensivos en Conocimientos; explora la evolución de estas empresas de servicios profesionales, científicos y técnicos en México y examina la importancia de las KIBS, para el crecimiento económico.El análisis de variables socioeconómicas establece que la mayoría de las KIBS en México corresponden a la categoría de KIBS tradicionales

Redes de Innovación Socio Productiva (RISP) y las políticas públicas de lo d... - 1 views

    El objetivo del presente artículo pretende destacar la importancia de las Redes de Innovación Socio Productiva (RISP) para el fortalecimiento del desarrollo local sostenible, bajo la convicción del papel protagónico que debe asumir el Estado para facilitar el desarrollo y consolidación de éstas.
    Este artículo me parece interesante por su punto de vista localista y aunque el estudio tiene ya varios años, espero que siga funcionando. Un saludo Julia Echeverria

The results of tramsformation educetion through technology - 0 views

module11 oer

started by danildintsis on 20 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

Could MOOC's solve inequality? Follow the dabate - 0 views

Professor Adam Habib, vice-chancellor of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa argued: "If you think you're going to democratise education by giving people MOOCs instead of ...

Module11 Inequality

started by cuptlib on 19 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
Kim Baker

South Africa's internet penetration poor - 0 views

    "The results further showed that 64.8% of households in South Africa had no access to the Internet. Of those households that had access to the Internet, 16.3% accessed it via cellphone, 8.6% from home, 5.6% from elsewhere and 4.7% from work."
    It's unfortunate that South Africa is still plagued by inequality. While it is good that some are accessing the web via mobile, ideally more efforts would be done to create infrastructure to serve entire communities.

Open Access - 0 views

Check out my newspaper.

open access module11

started by melduncan on 18 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

A follow-up resource to the video on scholarly publishing in Africa - 1 views

Greetings all, As I mentioned in a post regarding the video on the challenges and perceptions of open knowledge for publishing in Africa, I was reminded of a video I watched by an African novelist...


started by melduncan on 18 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
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