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Open Development - 2 views

    Open development is about making information and data freely available and searchable, encouraging feedback, information-sharing, and accountability. We've opened our data, knowledge and research to foster innovation and increase transparency in development, aid flows, and finances. Learn more here.

Another independent bookstore shutting down: Oscar's Art Books will close - 0 views

    Oscar's Art Books, an independent bookstore that has been operating for 24 years in Vancouver is shutting down. Chain bookstores were once thought to be the biggest threat to small, independent bookstores, but it appears the rise of e-books, not Chapters or Indigo is behind the demise of Oscar's Art Books. Appparently this is not the first bookstore to close the down due to people preferring e-books. What started this? Local bookstores are already competing with chain bookstores, but now, they have new threats that they have to face. If more and more people are turning to e-books, there may be possibility that printed will become a rare thing. There has been a lot of debates of printed vs. ebooks, by the looks of it, e-book is winning.
Abdul Naser Tamim

Education for Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility - 2 views

    i like it

The Culture of Open Source - 2 views

    When you hear open source software, what do you think of?
Ignoramus OKMOOC

Digital Colonialism & the Internet as a tool of Cultural Hegemony - 1 views

    An article by an anonymous author on the Knowledge Commons Brasil. The article attempts to show how the Global North dominates the internet. Internet users as well as content (exemplified by geo-located entities) tend to cluster in the rich industrial countries of the so called "developed" wordl. This critique resembles the lament of the so called Media Imperialism spearheaded by the McBriede Report to Unesco ( "Many Voices, One World)". It should be noted that here more detailed studies suggested that news agencies reflect the interests of their audiences. So it would be interesting what the distribution of geo-tagged entities in the Igbo version of Wikipedia is like. Does it mirror a bias towards West Africa (Igbo being one of the principal languages of Nigeria)?
Abdul Naser Tamim

Arab Librarians website - 1 views

    A group for Arab librarians to promote open knowledge and open programs
    Will they cut off my hands if I don't return a book on time?

Dealing with 'open access' demons - 1 views

    This article discusses the start of open access publications and the arguments against open access journals.
    Excellent and concise article, thank you for posting. I think this type of anonymous testing of open journals must continue to be applied to ensure standards are raised, and then consistently maintained. It also serves to call out frequent offending publications that may repeatedly demonstrate a lack of stringent review.

Looking back, leaping forward, leveraging crisis, and freeing the law: A lawyer story - 0 views

    Bruce Thomas states, "Google Scholar's caselaw collection is a victory for open access to legal information and the democratization of law". The only downside is that it is only American case law and not other jurisdictions.

Grupo de Trabalho - 1 views

    The working group on Open Science consists of Brazilian researchers who share an interest in discussing and promoting the understanding and practice of open processes in science, in its various manifestations: Open access to scientific publications open scientific data Scientific Instruments opened [1] citizen science [2] open and Education

Indigenous knowledge - 3 views

This is a really comprehensive source. Thanks!

#indigenousknowledge knowledge open module1 mooc open access


Mini Law Lesson: California's New Online Privacy Guidelines | DigitalNext - Advertising... - 0 views

    We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today.

Learn - 6 views

    Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It's interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.

What is a MOOC? (italian) - 1 views

    What is MOOC? An exlanation by Superquark in Italia
    Il est un communiste familial. Tout le monde partageons. Genial!
Tricia Marie Catral

Indigenous Knowledge, Peoples and Sustainable Practices - 1 views

    So I stumbled across this article while I was searching the internet regarding Indigenous Knowledge here in the Philippines. The article on this link provides further information regarding Indigenous Knowledge all over the world. It's a very interesting 12 page article which sheds light on various people under different tribes in different parts of the world.

Explainer: what is the open movement? - 1 views

    This is a brief introductory explanation of the open movement and its branches.
    Il est un communiste familial. Tout le monde partageons. Genial!
Kim Baker

Twitter sues US for right to disclose government requests - 0 views

    Reuters / Eric Thayer Internet giant Twitter is suing the Department of Justice in hopes that the United States government will let the web company publish more details about requests made for user data. The complaint, filed in federal court on Tuesday this week, asks the Justice Dept.
    An interesting read. Freedom of speech is allowed as long it does not relate to the US government. One important thing to understand here is that the flow of information can never be stopped or banned (at least only temporarily.) There is no such thing as good or bad information - it all depends on who interprets the information and what point of views these people have.
Kevin Stranack

Terms of Service; Didn't Read - 4 views

    An online review and ratings of the Terms of Service from different social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and more. "Terms of service are often too long to read, but it's important to understand what's in them. Your rights online depend on them. We hope that our ratings can help you get informed about your rights. "
    I think people really need this online review because most of people do not have patience to read the long list of Terms of service but it does not mean they do not care about their rights online. This tool is great, I would like to use it and share to all of my friends. Hope more people could know that such a great tool exists.
    This snapshot of terms of service for the various social media sites is excellent. Bookmarked!

Digital Identity and Open Education - 1 views

Presentation from a conference of 2014, 31 pages presentation on slideshare, see URL: by Catherine Cronin

Open Education; Digital Identity; module1 open access

started by weerthc on 28 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

Identidad Digital - 0 views

se debe utilizar la informaciĆ³n de una manera responsable, este video es muy bueno para empezar a tomar conciencia.


started by eazabalac on 28 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
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