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What are MOOCs doing to the Open Education? - 1 views

    George Siemens, President of the Society for Learning Analytics Research, takes a more jaundiced view of MOOCS. While acknowledging the benefits he points out some of the more negative impacts, particularly focusing on the concept of 'opennesss'
Fernando Carraro

¡MOOC una nueva experiencia educativa muy prometedora que se consolida poco a... - 0 views

    Comparto el blog de MIGUEL ANGEL AGUIRRE PITOL En su post nos explica que es un MOOC, la importancia de contar con este tipo de cursos, y el compromiso de quienes lo hacen y participan en el.
robert morris

Canadian privacy laws - 3 views

Brazil has Marco Civil - internet and digital privacy laws. New Zealand, nothing.

module1 privacy


The learning environment is changing faster than we think - 18 views

Hi all! My name is Ashton and I'm a Graduate Assistant for your MOOC course. I really enjoyed this video and find the discussion you are having very relevant and interesting. I love Ted Talks and h...

Module1 open access


OER Commons website - 1 views

I work as a technology and robotics teacher at a k-12 school in Mexico, and I usually try to include all kinds of OERs into my lessons because I think technology need to be easy-access and affordab...

open access module1 open OER

started by nellycarr on 25 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Alefiyah Shikari

A (My)Space of One's Own: On Privacy and Online Social Networks - 2 views

    This article relates to Module 1 and the lack of online privacy that we have with the increase of social media. This also affects intellectual property, and nothing is ever concealed or anonymous.

Use Pseudonym - 1 views

    You may use a pseudonym if you want to protect your own identity, so that noo ther information will be reveal and its up to you if you want to share even a small peace of your information, pictures of some events and etc.
moonlove - 3 views As long as we are talking about knowledge, and as long as this knowledge is unlimited, I have to post this audio book about knowledge, but a different ...

mooc module1 knowledge

started by moonlove on 03 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

Identidad Digital - 0 views

se debe utilizar la información de una manera responsable, este video es muy bueno para empezar a tomar conciencia.


started by eazabalac on 28 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

For ones interested to found some info about Open Knowledge Foundation in Poland - 4 views

module1 open access privacy mooc

started by katkanowak on 08 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
nataliagrn liked it

Identidad digital y reputación online - 3 views

    Este articulo nos habla sobre lo que es realmente una identidad por Internet, también sobre la importancia de una reputación, diferencia de transparencia y reputación, redes sociales y derechos en la red
  • ...1 more comment...
    Cada momento que pasamos en Internet estamos dejando rastro de lo que hacemos, estamos dejando una huella que va representando nuestra identidad en la red. Si visitamos páginas de fotografía dejamos entrever nuestros gustos y aficiones, si entramos a una red social y participamos, lo queramos o no estamos dejando nuestra opinión sobre gran cantidad de aspectos, según nuestros contactos también se nos puede conocer, si revisamos las páginas por las que navegamos también generan mucha información sobre nosotros.
    Somos un producto y a la vez un cliente. "Ellos" saben nuestros gustos, y los usan en su beneficio.
    Identidad digital

The Price of the Panopticon - 1 views

    The principle of the Panopticon still works in today's "big data" society. As we get more and more assesses to information on the Internet, our personal information is also being exposed to others. However, as an user commented, "there is a place for surveillance -- but not when its scope and power has the ability to undermine our networks and connections that are essential for fostering healthy human development and communities -- which is the best protection against harm". The invisibility of the power, to some extent, builds up the self-suiveillance.

What Role Can MOOCs Play in the Development Agenda? Five Key Questions | IIE Blog - 2 views

    What Role Can MOOCs Play in the Development Agenda? Five Key Questions By: Rajika Bhandari on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 With the Millennium Development Goals nearing their deadline, the development sector has been rife with speculation about what the post-2015 development agenda will look like and what role, if any, higher education should play in this future outlook. Personal note: This highlights the reality of so called 3rd world countries and the real reach of MOOCs

Digital Scholarship: how open publication and co-creation could transform science - 0 views

    This slideshow provides a very stimulating and entertaining view of the world of open science. It deals with the key dimensions of open science such as the meaning and scope of openness , opportunities in being open, funding , problems and other related issues.
    Thanks for sharing. I like the slideshare website; it was fun to just click through some nicely presented information. I am getting a bit confused with all the core reading and additional reading (!right?) and all the activities and whatnot so this was a good way to end my 1hour scheduled time today for this MOOC. I especially liked the hierarchy vs wirearchy slide. :) Peace.
    ghee thanks arren7, I am seriously concerned about my" intellectual deficient contributions",...feel better now!:) peace

Cursos masivos y abiertos como alternativa para la educación a distancia. - 1 views

Aquí se destaca la importancia y el impacto en la sociedad de esta alternativa forma de aprehender y construir y co- constriur el aprendizaje. Referencia: Enlace


started by elizabethcard on 18 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

Periodismo digital - 0 views


Surveillance and society - European Commission - 2 views

  • “Every day there is a new surveillance gadget, in addition to the numerous programmes already gathering data on us. We are sleepwalking into a surveillance society,”
    Surveillance and society
Ad Huikeshoven

assorted stuff - 1 views

    Seek, sense and share. I have found 'assorted stuff'. A blog by Tim SI tahmer, expert in instructional technology. This guy seems to know stuff about internet and other digital things. I found him on Twitter,, but haven't spot him here in the Diigo group.

Keren Elazari: Hackers: the Internet's immune system - 1 views

    This 17-minute video puts hackers into some interesting perspectives as Keren Elazari explains why we will need hackers more than we do right now in the era of information. And what I love is that this presentation is executed in an easy and straightforward way for beginners like me to get some new notions, just as any other TEDtalk
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