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Holly Gerla

Keeping Students Engaged in a 1:1 Project-Based Classroom [guest post] | 1 to 1 Schools - 7 views

    "When lap­tops first arrived in my class­room, I wor­ried about class­room man­age­ment. How could I cre­ate an envi­ron­ment where stu­dents used their com­put­ers as tools rather than toys?"

    Great practical tips here!!
Maughn Gregory

Boston Review - Carlos Fraenkel: Citizen Philosophers - 0 views

    In 1971 the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil from 1964 to 1985 eliminated philosophy from high schools. Teachers, professors in departments of education, and political activists championed its return, while most academic philosophers were either indifferent or suspicious. The dictatorship seems to have understood philosophy's potential to create engaged citizens; it replaced philosophy with a course on Moral and Civic Education and one on Brazil's Social and Political Organization ("to inculcate good manners and patriotic values and to justify the political order of the generals," one UFBA colleague recalls from his high school days).
Roland Gesthuizen

Study: Class size doesn't matter - The Washington Post - 9 views

  • traditionally collected input measures — class size, per pupil expenditure, the fraction of teachers with no certification, and the fraction of teachers with an advanced degree — are not correlated with school effectiveness.
  • frequent teacher feedback, the use of data to guide instruction, high-dosage tutoring, increased instructional time, and high expectations — explains approximately 50 percent of the variation in school effectiveness
    Two Harvard researchers looked at the factors that actually improve student achievement and those that don't.
Mark Gleeson

Charts in Press Releases enable Journalists and Bloggers to tell better stories | iCharts - 52 views

    Icharts for making quick charts and graphs to add to websites and blogs
Mark Gleeson

Values for Life - 49 views

    Incursions to support values education

Life Lessons: A Remembrance | text2cloud - 35 views

    What makes a teacher? an administrator? a life well-lived? Remembering a life-changing mentor.
BalancEd Tech

Not Just A Teacher: Teachers As Learners - 55 views

    My very own little star learns best just like me-when she's interested, motivated, under no pressure of expectation and not afraid to fail. How do we as teachers transfer this type of learning to the classroom?
Ben Rimes

A Personal Cyberinfrastructure (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE - 3 views

shared by Ben Rimes on 11 Sep 09 - Cached
  • Pointing students to data buckets and conduits we've already made for them won't do. Templates and training wheels may be necessary for a while, but by the time students get to college, those aids all too regularly turn into hindrances. For students who have relied on these aids, the freedom to explore and create is the last thing on their minds, so deeply has it been discouraged. Many students simply want to know what their professors want and how to give that to them.
    • Ben Rimes
      This is why the gradual release of responsibility is so important at all levels of education. While some meta-responsibilities need to be unloaded onto the learner at a very young age (scheduling and structuring work time, note taking, reflection, etc.), other tasks and scripts for learning within the context of a specific discipline can be scaffolded and then released to the learner throughout K-12.
James Woods

How to host a TEDx Youthday Event - EduCon 2.4 - January 27-29, 2012 - Philadelphia - 7 views

    This seems like a great idea. Don't have time today to study this, but it feels right for @newtechnetwork
Greg Clinton

Will iBooks Author Create A Wave of Self-Published Teachers? - 114 views

    Apple's etextbooks are cool, but are they cool enough? And will iBooks Author be the real driving force behind big changes?
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