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Lucy De Palma

Straight Hair Is Knottier Than Curly Hair: Scientific American - 78 views

    • Lucy De Palma
      How much adverising is used? Is it distracting? What is being advertised?
    • Lucy De Palma
      Who is publishing/sponsoring this site? What is their background/reputation
Glenda Baker

Intel Education: Seeing Reason Tool - 66 views

    seeing relationships between complex ideas
Wayne Holly

Seating Chart Maker - Seating Chart Maker - 149 views

    Seating Chart Maker is an application that can help you get all your students where they belong. Whether it's a child with vision issues who needs to be in the front of the class, or those two kids who just cannot be allowed to sit next to each other-too much talking or too much fighting-this tool can help you spend less time figuring out the classroom logistics and more time teaching your students what they need to know. And isn't that really why you teach?

    Written by the spouse of a teacher, Seating Chart Maker runs under Windows and is a free download.
Michael Hylton

Quality Homework - A Smart Idea - - 70 views

  • The studying that middle school and high school students do after the dismissal bell rings is either an unreasonable burden or a crucial activity that needs beefing up. Which is it? Do American students have too much homework or too little? Neither, I’d say. We ought to be asking a different question altogether. What should matter to parents and educators is this: How effectively do children’s after-school assignments advance learning?
  • The quantity of students’ homework is a lot less important than its quality. And evidence suggests that as of now, homework isn’t making the grade. Although surveys show that the amount of time our children spend on homework has risen over the last three decades, American students are mired in the middle of international academic rankings: 17th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st in math, according to results from the Program for International Student Assessment released last December.

  • “Spaced repetition” is one example of the kind of evidence-based techniques that researchers have found have a positive impact on learning. Here’s how it works: instead of concentrating the study of information in single blocks, as many homework assignments currently do — reading about, say, the Civil War one evening and Reconstruction the next — learners encounter the same material in briefer sessions spread over a longer period of time. With this approach, students are re-exposed to information about the Civil War and Reconstruction throughout the semester.

James Shockley

QR Code Generator Maker - QR Code Vcard - SMS Text - 60 views

    Quick Response Code Generator
Samantha Fecich

WednesdayswithSam - 54 views

    This wiki was created to be a resource for teachers, students, and parents to utilize in order to reinforce topics discussed in the classroom. This site is updated weekly as I obtain new information and resources. You will find many websites all separated by subject area.
    Learn and enjoy!
Martin Burrett

Spreaker - Online Radio - 56 views

    One of the best sites I have seen for making podcasts. Either record live or a pre-recorded broadcast.
Martin Burrett

Pac-Can Recycling Game - 41 views

Richard Miller

The Great Wall: A Remembrance | text2cloud - 22 views

    Raymond Williams had a collection of essays entitled, "Resources for Hope," which I've always felt was another name for teaching done well. Here's a remembrance of an extraordinary teacher and a reflection on 9/11.
Tracy Tuten

Directory of Educational Resources on the Web - THE DIRECTORY OF EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES ... - 179 views

    Directory of educational resources on the web - very thorough
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