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Randolph Hollingsworth

Deconstructing "What Works" in Education Technology | MindShift - 74 views

    great article debunking the DoE's What Works Clearinghouse: "The WWC does not conduct research itself but rather reviews the research of others."
Holly Barlaam

Histology World - 66 views

    microscope histology images
Nigel Robinson - Learn Words - English Dictionary - 12 views

    Separated into 3 levels of difficulty, these free interactive vocabulary puzzle and activity sessions use Latin and Greek "roots and cells" to help decode words. 7 links to current exercises include: Fill-in-the-Blanks, Definition Match, Synonym & Antonym Encounters, Crosswords, Word Finds, True/False and Word Stories. See our suggestions on How to use!
David Bell

Symphony of Science - 163 views

shared by David Bell on 13 Oct 11 - Cached
    Blending music with science increases retention in a huge way!

Tools - 107 views

    Guidebook for instructional technology plan.
Wayne Holly

Closing the gap - 4 views

shared by Wayne Holly on 12 Oct 11 - No Cached
    "…students who do not have access to a computer at home tend to be lower achievers than the others and, secondly, it would also seem to  be the case that students using computers at home less often had below-average results."

Online Reproducibles - 26 views

    • lamoillegold
      I especially like the roles here
    • lamoillegold
      This even has some other cool ideas
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Josephine Dorado

Power House | Power House - 7 views

    game play to reduce energy use
Josephine Dorado

Enercities - 64 views

    Sustainable energy game, similar to SimCity, EnergyVille, Electrocity, etc...requires Unity Web Player download to run
    Love games like this to discuss sustainability, examine bias, and generally build excitement about energy study.
    EnerCities, the first serious game to be hosted on Facebook. The goal of our project is to raise energy awareness among young people. EnerCities is partially funded by the European Commission.
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