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Aly Kenee

Google Apps -- Online Training Resources - 3 views

    Fabulous library of instructional videos on Google Apps
Peter Beens

iPad As.... - 8 views

    A comprehensive, sorted, and indexed list of iPad apps for education. 

3 Ways Disruptive Theory Can Change Education | Edudemic - 1 views

  • Disruptive theory posits that there is a new technology — referred to as an enabling technology — that alters the price/performance paradigm of an industry
  • Enabling technologies allow the price/performance paradigm to be altered in such a way that it allows enterprises that leverage the new, enabling technology reach customers that the incumbents operating with the status quo technology cannot reach
  • How Does It Apply To Education?
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • The Internet and social media
  • Game mechanics
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • I think niche social networking is a space where the new price/performance paradigm in education can really blossom
    A quick overview of disruptive technologies and education.
Jennifer Diaz

Apps in Education - 201 views

    Looking for flexibility in an iPad app suited for use by teachers in the classroom when observing students working e.g. Science labs
Martin Burrett

Who wants to be a Mathonaire? - 178 views

    This is a beautifully made 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?' maths game with 5 levels of difficulty to choose from.
Martin Burrett

ZOOMsci - 100 views

    A simple collection of ideas for science experiments and activities to use in class.
Donal O' Mahony

Oracy - 36 views

    David Puttnam spoke in Dublin tonight - he had some interesting ideas including ORACY - A web definition explains "oracy" as…used to describe a person's ability to efficiently communicate with others via the spoken word as well as to fully understand oral communication. Wilkinson…created the word to emphasize the need for school children to be able to fully use oral skills as an essential basis for learning and social integration. It is an analogy for the words numeracy and literacy, and aids in bringing the focus of oral skill on par with reading and writing in the classroom.
Ana G-Garzón

Juegos sobre las 3 áreas de EI - 10 views

    Juegos de todo tipo sobre todos los contenidos de las 3 áreas del currículo de infantil.
Lauren Rosen

eLearning Tools Home - eLearning Tools - 69 views

    Site organized by application use, name, general reference, and so forth. A nice repository. Encourages outside people to add additional tools.
Steve Ransom

Internet Amplifies the Dumb Stuff That People Do - Room for Debate - - 6 views

    It takes time to read/listen to smart stuff and process it. So, dumb, mindless, silly stuff circulates much more easily and quickly.
Elizabeth Pierce-Fortin

8 Great Sites for Reluctant Writers « Ed Tech Ideas - 138 views

    Great resource. Thanks.
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