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dy/dan » Blog Archive » What Silicon Valley Gets Wrong About Math Education A... - 0 views

  • Mathematics, as defined by the CCSS, isn't just a series of discrete content standards. It contains practice standards, too: modeling, critiquing arguments, using tools strategically, reasoning abstractly, and others.
BalancEd Tech

Khan Academy: It's Different This Time « Mathalicious - 4 views

  • This works well when you want a new way to distribute coupons, but it’s problematic when we try to impose technological solutions on problems that aren’t technological in nature.
  • For all the talk about turning students into creative problem solvers and 21st century critical thinkers, the truth is that our current system still very much revolves around the institutionalized mediocrity of standardized testing.
  • We can talk all we want about moving beyond testing, but it’s still the only thing that people are immediately incentivized to care about.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • What we want isn’t necessarily what we need.
  • Someone can tell you about a wonderful new operating system that just works, but you really need to see it to understand.
Eric Arbetter

Twitter Ed Tech Source | - 1 views

  •! page with "links" to sites about technology, including many great applications, found from Twitter.
Christian King

TechNyou - 3 views

    Funded by the Australia Government a great way for students to explore and research the ethics of current science and technology issues.
    Check out the resources section for a link where you can find resources aligned to the Australian National Science Curriculum. There is some great stuff there if you have a good dig around.
Bob Rowan

Video: Use Your Galaxy Nexus As A Desktop Computer - Droid Life - 0 views

    shows a smart phone hooked up to computer monitor, keyboard, etc to be functional desktop PC (running Android OS)
Christian King

Creativity Games - Brain Training for Creativity and Creative Thinking - 12 views

    A blog full of classroom ideas that encourage creative thinking.
Mark Gleeson

Writing - Writing - The Arthur Holt Library at Trinity Grammar School - 5 views

    Writing resources 
Kate Pok

5 free online services that store, sync and share your files - Computerworld - 105 views

  • Dropbox, OpenDrive and ZumoDrive represent best the concept of cloud-based file storage, syncing and sharing: Their desktop programs embed a virtual drive within the file structure of your operating system. Their premise is to work as invisibly as possible by functioning like a normal drive.
Kirstie Truluck

Literacy defined - 60 views

  • Literacy represents the lifelong, intellectual process of gaining meaning from print.
    • Kirstie Truluck
      repeat in group forum:
      in addition to gaining meaning, this line should add MAKING meaning with print.
      And, print should be expanded to 'texts' thereby meaning digital, visual, auditory texts - not just print
Gerald Carey

SAVAGE EARTH Animations - 75 views

    Nice for Geography although now a bit dated (1998)
Martin Burrett

Kaleidolism - 81 views

    A clever resource for making fabulous art in just a few clicks. Use an online or a stock photo to make an interesting kaleidoscope effect to download.
Martin Burrett

Mad4Maths - 100 views

    A superb cartoon based maths site with areas for parents, teachers and kids. Play fun multiplication and time activities.
Mark Gleeson

iPads can't improve learning without good teaching Pt 1 - 124 views

    Teaching and learning first - iPad second. Not the other way around
Roland Gesthuizen

Apple and the Education-Information Chasm - Forbes - 1 views

  • The price of information plummets. Yet the price of education soars. These two trends cannot both continue. Guess which will crack first.
    Apple's digital textbook venture, launched yesterday in New York, is just the latest attempt to bridge a yawning gulf between technology and learning. It's still the beginning. The gulf is so large, it will take decades and thousands of experiments to cross. But we've begun, and things will move fast.

Glenda Baker

Experiment Google Custom Search Engine | The Groovy Librarian - Teaching in the 21st Ce... - 107 views

    Create custom search engines for classes
Brenda Harrold - States and Capitals - 60 views

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