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Gerald Carey

Flubaroo Blog - Welcome to Flubaroo - 8 views

shared by Gerald Carey on 17 Jan 12 - No Cached
    Use Google forms and Flubaroo to create self-marking simple tests!
    Give students feedback within minutes!
Denise Nichols

ALEX Lesson Plan: Whose Voice Guides Your Choice? - 5 views

    propaganda lesson plan
BalancEd Tech

Daily Kos: Universal Public Education Is Dead: The Rise of State Schools - 0 views

  • U.S. schools under the jurisdiction of state and federal governments are now scripted processes that view knowledge as static capital, students as passive and empty vessels, and teachers as compliant conduits for state-approved content.

    The accountability paradigm is antithetical to human agency and autonomy and thus to democracy, but it serves the needs of the status quo and the ruling elite; in effect, accountability paradigms driving compulsory education are oppressive:

  • Re-reading and re-writing the world acknowledges that being as a human is always becoming, and these acts embrace the perpetual cycle of re-reading and re-writing as essential for both human agency and democracy. Teaching and learning are reciprocal and on-going, not hierarchical and ends to attain, possess.
Sarah Feldman

Spaghetti Book Club - 4 views

    Reviews of books by children.
    A great site where children can post books reviews, which can provide guidance on how to write reviews.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Quality Framework narrative, the 5 pillars | The Sloan Consortium® - 2 views

    Learning Effectiveness
    Faculty Satisfaction
    Student Satisfaction
Stacy Hawthorne

Rover - The app that beat Flash!!! - 8 views

    Check out Rover, the new free app that works like a browser for your iPad. Rover uses iSwifter to allow you to view Flash content directly on your iPad. You must be connected to Wi-Fi for Rover to work.
Lucas Cittadino

About PenCamp - 3 views

  • PenCamp is a really fast way to quickly build a basic web page. Its perfect for writing and sharing stories, jokes, poems and more.

    Building a page requires no special skills. You just click the text and edit it. Of course, if you're a more advanced user, you can also add HTML.
alexis alexander

15 Free Tools for Web-based Collaboration - 271 views

    really great resource for collaborative work in and out of the classroom
Andrea Castagini

Joomla! - Instalar / desinstalar extensões - 0 views

    • Andrea Castagini
      para estudar Joomla
Martin Burrett

Aurasma - 146 views

    An amazing augmented reality app for Android and iPad. Bring animation to still objects, make your children's written work come to life and make dragons fly around your school... through your camera at least. Share your creations with other users to make geo-location designs which will interact with anyone with the app.
Martin Burrett

Machinarium - 90 views

    This is a wonderfully bizarre interesting story site where users move the character around and solve the puzzles. The demo version is free.
Martin Burrett

Percentage Calculator - 68 views

    A nice online maths tool for working out percentages. Just input the numbers. You can even embed it into your site.
Kate Pok

Skillshare - 57 views

shared by Kate Pok on 17 Jan 12 - No Cached
Joyce Kolakowski

Choose my 10 sets of eating tips - 72 views

    10 separate pages with 10 tips each
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