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Peter Beens

Dusty World: The Mediocrity Virus - 22 views

    ...The coach in me suggests that if your team is performing well, you keep doing what you're doing.  Certainly you tweak it here or there, but when you turn in a world class performance, you don't bring in a coach from a team that didn't even make the show to give suggestions, but we did, because we're Canadian, and the one thing we have even more than an awesome education system is a giant inferiority complex with our big cousins to the south.

Howard Community College Course Information - 9 views

  • Out of State Tuition:   
    Fees:   30.00
  • evelop an understanding of themselves as readers and writers of world cultures who participate with others in responsible public discourse and have moral and ehtical responsibilities in that dis
Jill Van Wyke

Admissions Web Pages: Leer en Español - 7 views

    Pa. college translate admissions Web pages into Spanish to aid Latino parents. The reader comments on the story are interesting.
Paul Marshall

BBC News - Mobile internet use nearing 50% - 12 views

    • Paul Marshall
      OK, it's the UK, but Chile is bound to be hot on thie heels
Glenda Baker

Intel Education: Designing Effective Projects: Literature e-Circles - 84 views

    Teaching team are working on a unit that includes virtual Socratic circles
Tim Jackson

How to Work Effectively With A Heterogeneous Classroom - 75 views

    Differentiated instruction is more QUALITATIVE than quantitative.
    Differentiated instruction provides MULTIPLE approaches to assessment, process, and product
    Differentiated instruction is STUDENT-CENTERED.
    Differentiated instruction is A BLEND
Jude Kesl

Council for Elementary Science International - 38 views

    The mission of CESI is to promote excellence and equity in K-8 science education. 
Jimbo Lamb

Sen. Michael Bennet: Bring Teachers' Pay Into This Century - 37 views

  • To get enough of the teachers we need, teaching has to be a great job where talented people are supported and rewarded.
    • Jimbo Lamb
      What is meant by "rewarded?" If this is about merit pay, then it won't work. I already work my butt off. I would like to be able to not have to get part-time jobs (yes, plural) to pay my bills. If I had more time to focus on my classroom, that would be spectacular!

      As for support, we need a better professional development set up. I spend way too much time sitting in meetings when I could accomplish so much more.
Jeff Crews

Discovery Education streaming - Atlas Interactive Map - 106 views

    Interactive Atlas of the World
Anne Stansell

Ms Hogue's Online English Resources - - 14 views

shared by Anne Stansell on 02 Mar 09 - Cached
Janna Cook liked it
    AP English syllabus
Dimitris Tzouris

Welcome to the Future ...Today by Simon Crook on Prezi - 78 views

    LOVE this! It could be easily presented to a faculty meeting or a department!
Glynda Pflieger

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Fall 2011 - 16 views

  • A bold experiment in distributed education, "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" will be offered free and online to students worldwide during the fall of 2011. The course will include feedback on progress and a statement of accomplishment. Taught by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, the curriculum draws from that used in Stanford's introductory Artificial Intelligence course. The instructors will offer similar materials, assignments, and exams.

    Artificial Intelligence is the science of making computer software that reasons about the world around it. Humanoid robots, Google Goggles, self-driving cars, even software that suggests music you might like to hear are all examples of AI. In this class, you will learn how to create this software from two of the leaders in the field. Class begins October 10.
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