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Siri Anderson

Content Library - OpenStax CNX - 2 views

    Similar to Sophia. A repository of free digital content designed by/for teachers in small or book size chunks.
Wayne Holly

Makerbook - The best free resources for creatives. - 3 views

    A hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives.
Martin Burrett

Bill Nye - The Science Guy - 1 views

    The blog of science communicator Bill Nye. The site is full of science activities and experiments to try, with video demonstrations and things to download for your class.
inaip_yucatan - 105 views

    Create beauiful and informative infographics with this great, easy to use site. Just upload your images and drag them into place. The free account has 5 template themes.
Lorinda Cain-Bowles - 32 views

    Personalized Learning implementation recommendations
Lorinda Cain-Bowles

Common Core and Classroom Instruction: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Education Next... - 25 views

    Good point about using number lines to teach fractions
Tim Cooper

Educational Leadership:Teaching with Mobile Tech:Mobile Devices: Driving Us to Distract... - 33 views

    Nice summary of research on digital distraction
Lorinda Cain-Bowles

Poverty, family stress are thwarting student success, top teachers say - The Washington... - 27 views

    Biggest barriers to learning
Tim Cooper - 29 views

    Great article on research on the maker movement and learning
Roy Sovis

Duolingo | Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free - 44 views

    Duolingo is an intuitive, fun way to learn languages! It contains a variety of activities for both audio and visual learning. It's easy to incorporate this free, cloud-based program into your daily routine.
Bill Wettler

United States Diplomatic Mission to Morocco - Frequently Asked Questions - 14 views

  • the Moroccan authorities will only fingerprint individuals who are resident to Morocco (holders of a carte de sejour)
    • Bill Wettler
      Any clue where to go for this?
    • Bill Wettler
      This line from this website explains too little.  What Moroccan authorities where?
Cindy Huskey

A List of All Educational Twitter Chats Teachers Should Know about ~ Educational Techno... - 75 views

    Twitter Chat list and calendar
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