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Reading Online - 67 views

    Webquest article
Deborah Baillesderr

Welcome to Zunal.Com - 40 views

    Free teacher created webquests and a place where you can create your own.
Loli Olmos

Biblioteca de Webquests - 1 views

    Biblioteca de websquest ordenadas por temas y niveles educativos
BalancEd Tech

TPaCK WebQuest - BalancEdTech - 4 views

    At several of our previous meetings we have used a "Prensky Scale" to examine lessons/projects. It's time to kick that up a notch with the TPaCK framework which helps educators label the knowledge a teacher needs to teach. Though the three knowledge bases of Technological Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge, and Content Knowledge are easy for teachers to grasp, the interplay of them is often subtle and distinctions can be hard to see at first. This WebQuest is designed to first familiarize you with the TPaCK framework, then to examine and discuss examples that combine the three bases to different degrees and success, and finally to help you define the areas of interplay in your own words.
Sydney Schatz

Romeo and Juliet Webquest - 8 views

    requires research of different eras NOTE: 1920s & 1960s links work but can add new ones--can tie into 1930s & 1950s from earlier research project
Steve Ransom

EDTREK2011 - 52 views

    Great idea by Bernie Dodge et al.
B Allen


    • B Allen
      this one looks really good!
    web quests for cyber bullying. pretty good ones
Holly Barlaam

Genes: The Building Blocks of Life Webquest - 61 views

    Cool bioethics/genetics webquest/project. "In this WebQuest you will work with a team of three other students to form a consensus on how funding for genetics research should be distributed. Each member of your team will choose one of the given aspects of genetics to research. Upon finishing your research, you will discuss your findings and decide the team's stance on funding allocation. Your team will then create a persuasive presentation, arguing your consensus."
Sean Breves

Devil's Arithmetic Web Quest - 121 views

    This is a webquest that I created on the Devil's Arithmetic novel. Feel free to borrow some of the items
Alvar Maciel

Evolución hacia la Webquest 2.0 | XarxaTIC - 7 views

  • Para ampliar un poco sobre esta nueva realidad en el uso de las Webquests, recomiendo el artículo de Thomas March donde hace una revisión de las webquests (en forma y en contenidos) en la web 2.0 y, la visualización de la siguiente presentación de Ramiro Aduviri Velasco sobre el proyecto Webquest 2.0.
Holly Barlaam

Terra Clues - 4 views

    Really neat Google Maps scavenger hunt site. Students are provided clues to put into Google maps or Google search. They then have to zoom in, use the satellite map, etc, to find the clue. This would be great for history/social studies type classes, but I could also see it being used in biology during the evolution unit. Perhaps as a scavenger hunt of places Darwin visited during his voyage on the Beagle, for example.
Alvar Maciel


    Tratamos de mostrar los problemas que surgen a menudo en la práctica diaria docente a la hora de acometer realmente una webquest con el alumnado, y proponemos una alternativa viable para solventar esos problemas: la realización de mini-quest de una sola sesión, ayudándonos de la herramienta web Apture, que genera ventanas emergentes incrustadas dentro de la pantalla inmediata de visión del alumnado.
Lori Carter

OperationConservation - home - 39 views

    WebQuest on World Biomes and Conservation. Mentions the use of Diigo to take and organize notes.
Suzanne Nelson

Earth Science - Types of Maps - 116 views

    I think this would be nice for younger students.
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