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mmdenne - 9 views

    • mmdenne
      There are moany online businesses on facebook. I can't even begin to htink about the number of people selling Rodan and Fields, 31, etc... - My negihbor works n the prison and she still can't have a cell phone - You have ti be careful what you ike and don't like because that could look bad to potential employrs. You have tore realize that your posts are seen by everyone. Ha! Line 23 just said wthe same thing! - Why can't stuents, exmployees, have personel lives and live them on facebook. How you are in a social speace does not define you as an employee, students, etc... Okay- this background- checking service that takes pictures and keeps themfor 7 years is skechy! - It is scary to think that anything we post can be used by anyone for any purpose.
    • mmdenne
      Really? We are monitored if we type in a cerain term? Pork seems abit scary in that a certain group is clearly being targeted here. - I do like the advanteages soical media can bring to horrific siutation: missing children. thefts, etc... It can really help people find who they are looking for: parents looking for birth children, etc... -- Streaming in our own state on facebook of cop shooting F"Facebook holds the cards , and its citizens have little recourse- other than to leave the service entirely." ( ) scary! page 9 - ads on facebook r targeted to us for what we search which is unsettling. Facebook knows alot about me! - Where do companies like Spokeo get all of our information??? Ahh- okay I see. But because they claim they are out there for entertainment that do not have to be accurate and can post that stuff??
Siri Anderson

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down | Motherboard - 45 views

    This is very helpful for understanding how big data fits into our current reality.
robert morris

Open Research - Learning Analytics - 23 views

    Ethical issues.
Margaret FalerSweany

How Firm Are Our Principles? - - 1 views

  • MORAL quandaries often pit concerns about principles against concerns about practical consequences.
  • two ethical frameworks. A utilitarian perspective evaluates an action purely by its consequences. If it does good, it’s good. A deontological approach, meanwhile, also takes into account aspects of the action itself, like whether it adheres to certain rules. Do not kill, even if killing does good. No one adheres strictly to either philosophy, and it turns out we can be nudged one way or the other for illogical reasons.
  • to think either abstractly or concretely
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  • a very simple manipulation of mind-set that did not change the specifics of the case led to very different responses.
  • Class can also play a role. Another paper, in the March issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, shows that upper-income people tend to have less empathy than those from lower-income strata, and so are more willing to sacrifice individuals for the greater good.
  • stressing subjects, rushing them or reminding them of their mortality all reduce utilitarian responses,
  • Even the way a scenario is worded can influence our judgments, as lawyers and politicians well know.
  • our moods can make misdeeds seem more or less sinful.
  • Objective moral truth doesn’t exist, and these studies show that even if it did, our grasp of it would be tenuous.
Randolph Hollingsworth

How Rude! Reader Comments May Undermine Scientists' Authority - Percolator - The Chroni... - 26 views

  • people speaking with one another in public have not yet made a similar evolution online
  • Scientists and science writers need to realize the power they have to control their online environments
Mary Beth McCabe

Ethics in Fast Pizza - 6 views

    Once they admitted the food tasted like cardboard, people started buying. Who were they trying to reach?
Martin Burrett

TrueTube - 55 views

    This site offers videos on a range of PSHE, citizenship, RE, the environment and other topics. It's a great set of resources for introducing difficult subjects to your class.
Ms. Rowley

"It's Not Going Away" | open thinking - 71 views

    Post from Open Thinking by Alex Couros By putting on blinders or say that technology and social media are "out there" do we do our students a disservice by not teaching them how to navigate or take hold of their own media persona 

Hacking lessons for teens reduce security threats | - 40 views

    Teaching students to see the big picture in computer science rather than just functionality of programming.
N Carroll

Character and Ethics - 2 views

    A list of sites compiled by Cybraryman1

TechNyou - 42 views

    All advances of a science and technology flavour! Many many fact sheets to support learning in the areas of ethics and science and new advancing technlogies and their implications.
Donal O' Mahony

e-Ethics - Initial thoughts on the Draft Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers. | e... - 36 views

    The Teaching Council (Ireland) has published a Draft Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers - I have examined it under four headings in the context of eLearning,
Peter Beens

PIPEDREAMS - Due Diligence and Social Media, Gaming and 21st Century Learning. Will edu... - 51 views

  • Make Social Media and Blended Learning Strategies as much a priority as traditional literacies.
  • insist that all teachers have a solid understanding of the tools, strategies, and pedagogies so that we can help kids navigate in these online social environments
  • how many educators are encouraged to teach with it, without fully understanding the tool itself, or grasping the research behind its use, or acknowledging the implications of its use (including safety)
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  • where does the responsibility lay on education organizations to guide kids in an environment (even facebook, youtube, twitter, gaming)where they are spending so much time?
    I gasped. "What about Ethics? Character? Kindness?", I wonder. I continue to wonder (now with my TEACHER LENS),  "I've never heard of a school based PD about Minecraft servers, or world bucket". Come to think of it, I've never heard of a mandatory in-service, PD session about any social gaming , or media tool or strategy. 
A Gardner

In which the professor expresses her frustration with the perennial bashing of her occu... - 76 views

    Counter to "posit that college professors do not work hard enough" and by extension the lack of teaching/teachers below this echelon

Ethics as a Form of Critical and Rhetorical Inquiry in the Writing Classroom - 0 views

    English Journal article by Teresa Henning, 100.6 (2011): 34-40. Copyright by the National Council of Teachers of English. All rights reserved.
    I think this English Journal article makes a compelling case for how ethical inquiry can be further supported in writing classrooms.
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